Top 5 Videos to Inspire Teachers

Continuing on from our other BEST Videos series (Funniest / Inspiring Students), here are my picks for favorite videos to inspire teachers. They all contain important messages and I consider each and every one MUST viewing for any long term teacher. Honorable mentions to the following: Did you Know Pay Attention , Educational Quotes, Teaching How to Learn and Making a Difference.

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Also, many of these videos can be found on our unique TED Talks player. Convenience and inspiration for all teachers.

#1 – One Buttocks Teaching.
Although not directly about teaching, Benjamin Zander relates with humor and intelligence, many important messages about teaching and relating/inspiring others. This is definitely number one and of high note!

#2 – Education is destroying creativity.
Ken Robinson delivers in a dead pan style, a crie de coeur, an appeal for more creativity in education. He really questions the goals of education and gives all teachers inspiration to value each and every student.

# 3 Hole in the Wall.
Sugata Mitra shows us how powerful it is when we allow our students to teach each other. A cry for more collaborative learning and for unleashing the power within students. An appeal to the inductive and contructivist approaches with facts and results.

# 4 The Last Lecture
Randy Pausch, really gets down to the nitty gritty – what life is about. A superlative teacher, he gives his last lecture before his death and relates a special message of “what it is all about”.

# 5 The Future of Learning
This video asks us the questions we should ask ourselves – about our own teaching. It encourages us to turn on our students by teaching through their digital world/life.

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