What’s the #1 …. (teacher resource)

Number One** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.

A Picture Library

If a teacher with a few years of experience doesn’t have one – they won’t get a job working with me. It is absolutely necessary, a small folder of pictures that the teacher has laminated and can use for all sorts of activities with students.

Pictures are crucial to teaching. Even more so with today’s visual/digital learners. The number one weakness I see with new teacher’s lessons that I observe is the lack of visuals for contextualizing learning and helping students “get it”. So teachers should be constantly cutting from magazines / newspapers and getting together a great library of visuals!

Nowadays, teachers can also have a digital “go to” library. I have a great collection of my own presentations on our Practice page. For example – Africa / National Geographic / Best Photos all time, Sports … to name just a few. Also, try Nat. Geographic’s “The BIG Picture”

Get the Powerpoints of many on EFL Classroom 2.0 and you can easily print out the pictures for use in class.

All sorts of activities you can do with pictures. From categorizing and listing vocabulary to questioning and story making. My favorite is the 5Ws. Student for each picture must ask and answer like a journalist, the 5ws for each picture. They write down their answers on the back and the next group can use their questions/ answers for a quiz!

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