Number One** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.

Nosy Neighbors – Jill Hadfield, “Elementary Communication Games!”

This is in response to Lindsay Clandfield’s recent “6 things” blog post about textbooks. He has nice lists but I still think they are too long! Let’s keep it to the best!

Jill Hadfield is a teacher’s teacher (and I don’t throw that around, she has earned it). Her textbook/photocopiables are very basic but strongly productive activities for students to practice and learn English. The BEST!

Nosy Neighbours is a simple sheet and cards (I’ve made picture cards). You get hours of activity with one simple sheet, can be used with all tenses and all kinds of target language and it’s about gossip. And let’s face it – that’s about as strong a built in methodology for language learning as you’ll ever get. Read my description and lesson run down here. (lesson 83 – Lessons in a Can).

Without a doubt, the #1 all time textbook/book lesson! (and it is ooooooold).