Does Google have all the answers

I was prompted to think about google today after seeing the wonderful infographic of Google below. (thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for so often letting me know about these things!).

I began thinking of my own relationship with Google. They reach everywhere into my teaching and because I really don’t draw a line, my LIFE.  If I know something really well concerning technology – it is probably Google.

Of course I search and use their RSS reader. But I also use Gtalk and of course they are number one with translations - even during chat! I use Picasa web for sharing and presenting photos! I sometimes checkout the Google to pay for things. I also find so many great “out of print” books on Googlebooks.  I watch youtube videos and use them in class. I share and group edit with Docs. I also check up on my websites stats with Analytics. I’ve recently been using Chrome to browse on my laptop. I also use feedburner for making RSS feeds. Google Earth and maps gives the geographer in me fits of rapture. When I’m in a creative and frisky mood – I find all the inspiration possible at Google Labs.

There are some things I don’t use that are part of google universe. iGoogle doesn’t cut it for me. Also, the Buzz only annoys me. Adwords only annoys me and I never click on them nor will ever adopt Adsense. Doesn’t make sense / cents  in education. I’ve ridden the Wave. Google Wave I’ve had prolific debates about with others – I really don’t get it either and though the idea is good – it is a dud. But that’s about it, I use a helluva lot more google products than I don’t!

The proper question to me is - “What don’t I use google for?”.

I’ve used and highlighted Google in a lot of my teaching.  Check out this site where you can make a Google font like logo to help contextualize your classroom instruction. COOL. (and that is the secret of the gOOgle logo, the two “OO”s which look like eyes watching you….).  I’ve also made a wonderful presentation of Google logos that you can use as a quiz.

Does Google have all the answers? I’d like to know your opinion.  Raul Midon in this cool video/TED talk, asks that question. Get the cool Karaoke version I made for instruction / learning English.

Wow, google is everywhere in my life. How about yours? What do they mean to you? To your students?

Google Infographic

Google Infographic