Top 100 Youtube videos for EFL!

youtube_logoYoutube recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. Wow! See the video karaoke I made with Breakingnewsenglish content.

However, today, in honor of youtube and what it does for our classrooms – I’ll leave you with a great gift. My 100 top youtube videos for students! Yes, I took HOURS to collect these together and find only the best. This is a treasure trove. ** this link updated from that in the player below.

Many others I wanted to include but alas they weren’t on youtube – but find them where I’ve collected them against father time – on EFL Classroom 2.0.

youtubeAlso, get the ebook which includes loads of link lists plus the best commercials for teaching English.

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Here too are some of my fav. video tags on EFL Classroom 2.0: Best / Funny / Grammar / Children / Geography / Professional Development / Lectures / Music / Karaoke / Technology / Young Learners / Stories / Reading / Inspiration

Top 100 Youtube Videos for Teaching English
Top 10 The Elephant Song Where the Hell is Matt Lemon Tree ABC Song 5 Little Monkeys Lily and the Map C is for Cookie Can Do Kid Slippery Fish We are sinking!
11 – 20 Hey Jude Kid Who Stole the Cookies? The Message Mr. Morton is the Subject of the Sentence We are the World What a Wonderful WorldI have a dream!Stop and Go – Lisa Loeb Mr. W 6 Billion Others
21 – 30 The Appointment Free Hugs Always on my Mind Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus Alma What happens next? Brown Bear, Brown Bear Urban action Doing a Bradbury I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
31 – 40 Chocolate Man Ages/Numbers Michael Jackson Medley A short love story Aha – Take on Me Moments Man with no arms/legs Validation George and Rosemary The Big Snit
41 – 50 I gotta feeling (Lip Dub) World on Fire Pen Story Asics Origami Honda commercial Xbox commercial Cat/Fish – Learn English! Deadline Story of Stuff F is for Fail
51 – 60 Banana Pancakes Coldplay-Yellow Don’t Worry, Be Happy Flying Penguins Gold’s Gym Grammar Bruce Lee Table Tennis Astley – Never going to give you up Hoyt Family Zoo Animals Ten in the Bed
61 – 70 Adora Svetak – Writing The Girl Effect We didn’t start the fire E eats Everything The Hummingbird story Lemon Tree in the Class Chocolate Rain A Korean Love Story African Rain storm A picture every day
71 – 80 One year in 90 seconds The Word is NO! I am a Pizza Google Logos Without You – Bulgarian Bob’s House commercial Pepsi vs Coke Shiffty Five Happy Dance A Close Shave – Wallace and Gromit
81 – 90 Taiwan – I will always love you Dr. Seuss’ ABCs The Prediction Kung Fu Fighting I got a feeling – photo song If I had a MILLION dollars Mr. Xs Amazing Yesterday Gabriel and the Vagabond Top 50 tourism countries Sesame St. – Song of the Count
91 – 100 Be Remarkable Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Eminem – I’m not Afraid Lift the Label New Dork Harder Better Faster Stronger I.T. Monks The Little Mole Best Photos of All Time A Dark, Dark, Tale
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11 Responses

  1. David, thank you so much for all your hard work. I greatly appreciate being introduced to so many wonderful videos. Brilliant!

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks very much for this! I’ve used some of these videos too and the students really enjoy them. One of the things I find most time consuming is finding appropriate materials because there is so much to choose from – this will be a great place to start. Thanks again!

  3. ddeubel says:


    You are welcome and I completely understand your difficulties. Partly (and mostly) why I started helping teachers online and really getting everyone sharing so it is much easier to sort through stuff. Teachers helping teachers.

    thanks for the comment!


  4. ddeubel says:


    Glad you appreciate them – they really are jewels and I tried to find a balance for all kinds of classrooms/levels.


  5. Bohdanan says:

    That’s amazing, thanks a lot, David.

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