My previous blog post “Fire All English Teachers” was a satire on my part and not what I fundamentally believe. I tried to put a lot of “references” to tongue in cheek stuff but I guess I was just too subtle with the “Swift” and the “Common Sense” references.

So let me come clean and be brief.

I DO want the world to hire more teachers! MORE and MORE and MORE! But not because students will learn language better or quicker but because there is so much else that a teacher brings into the lives of students, communities, cities, countries, THIS WORLD. There is no greater calling and nothing greater you can do with your life. If you are the kind of teacher that gets paid for what you do – so much the better!

Please see my previous blog post (but many other blog posts) In Praise of Backpacking Teachers for a more detailed rundown on why I think teachers are important.

I’m glad I got some people thinking about the relationship between “teaching” and “learning” but please don’t think I don’t want teachers around……… we make such a difference.