Katie Salen in the video, outlines a new school concept (well, not really new but innovative anyway) – a school where the curriculum is totally based around “gaming”. Yeah, that’s right, GAMES.

No, the students aren’t sitting around all day playing computer games. Rather, they are learning valuable skills by making games. Critical thinking, cooperation, synthesis, debate, leadership, delegation, design and many more high order skills that will be in demand this century. Now this is preparing students today for tomorrow!

I’m a big guy for bringing games into the EFL Classroom. However, I’d like to ask teachers to try and go beyond the playing of games and actually getting their students to make the games. I’m sure many classrooms have students who could make the Jeopardy, Transl8it, Flingtheteacher, Baam and other games. As they do – they will learn more English than you can ever imagine – also so many other skills.

That’s my challenge. Let it digest and then come out hitting!

Here’s a nice worksheet for preparing to make a Jeopardy game. Give to groups and let them design the questions then make the game on the computer!
How do you get your students “making” games/content? Any ideas to share?