I used to work at Rose Avenue P.S. Toronto – the world’s most multicultural school.  rose avenue Surrounded by highrises, all immigrants.

While I was there teaching grade 4, our school was awarded a UN award as the most multicultural school in the world. (2004-2005). It was the highlight of the school year and as the Gov. General of Canada and the under secretary of the U.N. strode into the school’s small gym, 92 students stood up and said hello in their mother tongue. It took about 5 minutes!

It was a rewarding year, a year of happiness and growth for me. The tsunami was that year and our high percentage of Sri Lankan students really made it difficult. We came through, mostly by respecting our diversity – diversity was strength.

So in honor of our world’s growing togetherness. In honor of the world’s linguistic diversity – I celebrate myself and this video – Saying “Hello” in 25 languages. Can you beat him? Are you ready for the spaceship earth?

Bonus question: What language says hello like this? “Hae” ?  Or for the advanced “mulitlinguals” out there – how do you say “hangover” in more than 2 languages. Can you?