Burning_KeyboardBlogging is something so valuable, especially for “education”. No longer are we reliant on “the expert” and the “paid”.  We can hear the voices of the many “grunts” like you and us. We can hear those voices and learn, change, respond, be engaged, in a word – grow.

Karenne on Kalinago English recently blogged about blogging. Through reading her several posts, I got to thinking about “why” a person starts to blog. Not those vague and general things like:

“I want to share what I know”

“I just needed an outlet”

“I wanted to create something”

No, no, no. You see, I really espouse the notion that it is the small and proximate things which matter. Actions are always of the moment, contingent. Usually there is some thing, a definite act that “sets you off”.  A spark that begins the fire. I’d like to know what your spark was, what set you off and tipped the balance and made you become a blogger?

Here’s what set me on fire.  A note in an essay from a former professor.

philosophyI had the honor once upon a time, to take a post graduate course “The Philosophy of Education”.  It was taught by Gerald Gutek, distinuguished scholar at Loyola University.  We used his own book as the course text, “Philosophical and Ideological Voices in Education”. I enjoyed the course and more so “the man” who really allowed us to voice our own beliefs and values.  At the end of the course, I wrote my final essay and waited for my mark.

However, I got a nice email about my essay and at the end of his comments he just left a bolded, “Have you ever thought about trying to do some educational writing?”  That was my spark – just a few words. Bolded.  Probably without that note, I wouldn’t have made my own 160 posts this year or last….. Thank you Dr. Gutek.

I’m proud of this blog because of its depth. When I post, I post. Use the search and find so many gems. Let me know that you read them – that’s the wood that keeps the initial spark alight.

And to end, I ask again – What set you off and on fire, as a blogger?