Teachers use and love Jeopardy. I know, I’ve made hundreds and got a lot of great feedback about all the different games. Find them in our Jeopardy power point games area

Now, you even have more options than the traditional power point or high skilled flash builders – we now have Quiz Break! See an example of what you can make HERE.
I’ve long championed a lot of the simple applications developed by CLEAR (Center for Language Education and Research). I used their audio drop box for a number of years. They’ve developed Quiz Break and it really is an easy way to make a jeopardy quiz game.

All you have to do is click each title or category and then input what you want. You’ll need to do a short registration, that’s all. It will store your game afterwards and provide you with a link/url to use.

What’s cool about Quiz Break is that you can record audio with your microphone or even a video! Really simple. Of course, also upload a photo too, either by url or from your computer.

All in all, a great tool. Make sure to share your games here on EFL Classroom 2.0 too! Hat tip to Larry Ferlazzo for making me aware of this.