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Loop Input

Loop input is an intuitive and practical teaching technique that many trainers use. I’ve given my share of teacher training workshops/presentations and it is something I include in every one – almost without exception.

What is it?

loop_7Well, in a nutshell, it is learning through the same method or “way” that you might use in your own classroom. What it isn’t, is learning solely by experiencing something like a student.

For example, in many teacher training presentations, I use a “Pass the Paper” game to learn about the trainees, their needs and also relax them.  The content is about teaching, not what students would experience.  However, (and this is my main purpose) I want teachers  to experience the game.  See an example of the game. passthepapereducationaltechnologyteachers It is different than if I had just said, “Let’s play this game as if we are students”.   There is no declaration of the learning point, just learning through inductive experience.

So we learn but in doing so, experience the content in the methods we might teach our students (different content). It is a powerful way to train teachers!   Read more about it in Tessa Woodward’s article.