I made this “street scene” video for the One Day in the World project, held on 10.10.10. An effort to collect video and create a picture of the world on that day. ┬áIt was a beautiful day in Vancouver and as I sat on Robson St. having a beer and listening to Yes, Nice play “across the street – I put my FLIP camera up and just recorded people as they came and went. Note how the lineup down the street keeps growing (they were attending the Vancouver Int. Film Festival).

I’ve talked a lot about using authentic materials in the classroom. It’s a “wonder” that technology brings about – it brings the real world, real English and culture into our classrooms around the globe.

But we need ideas to use it. We need teachers with strong abilities to lead students in discussion and comprehensible language – as they discuss the video and prompt. We need teachers with great materials development skills, making creative activities through which students can use the amazing context video provides.

What would you suggest for this video? That’s what I’d like to ask? Any ideas?

Here’s another one. I really love web cams. Students love the “live” aspect. Animals or street scene web cams offer amazing opportunity for discussion and language content. What ideas do you have for this? What’s worked for you when showing ordinary but authentic video – be it your own stuff captured over the weekend, your students videos or those found online? Any authentic ideas?
charging bull

Here are some other “live” ideas: Watch – Shiba’s puppies on Ustream The Goats A live wedding The Krakow Sq. Cam City Hall Delft The Owl Cam The Penguins at Dublin Zoo And why not try the Subservient Chicken?