Picture puzzle maker

This picture puzzle maker is really simple! Just go to the webpage, upload a photo and then choose how small you want the pieces to be. (I recommend choosing the largest size, that is difficult enough).

I think this might be useful for “jigsaw” type activities with text. Get the text as a picture (take a pic with your camera). I’ve posted up an example below. It might also be fun to do this with pictures of students. A hat tip to member Ruth Ferris – I got this site off her Teacher Tools page.

You can also do the same thing in a powerpoint! Go to our resources and find the puzzle makers HERE and HERE. Photo2Text is also a cool tool. Example here.

provided by flash-gear.com
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  1. Alex says:

    You should try out printerstudio.com. They’re the best I’ve found out there with a good puzzlemaker that runs right off the site with preview. You can find their puzzles page here:


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