Teach Learn posterSorry to keep returning to talk about my course book – Teach | Learn.

However, I want to mention a few things and make a request.

I put a lot of work into this book – mostly to prove a few things.

A) A teacher can make a quality textbook and eschew all the filtering and loss of control that comes when publishers own the rights.

B) Student created content can work. It allows for better teacher development when curriculum is made – not just served as a processed slab of meat.

C) Technology allows us to blend the learning experience. It can be right in the course book and doesn’t have to be chunked off and sold separately.

D) Textbooks should be sharable, printable and for the benefit of education, not just profit (but yes, I do think the work of an author should get a “return”. ).

E) Textbooks should be editable. So they can be up to date (and the teacher / students doesn’t have to buy a new copy). So, in the case of language which is not content laden, they can contextualize and personalize for their own learning environment.

But all this won’t be realized without other teachers joining in. Buying the book and also promoting the book. It will take a crowd to make some noise.

So I’d like to ask not just for your support through purchasing the book. I’d like to ask you to let others know about it (and grab the embed code here). Also, write up a review or use it for some action research to present at a conference. Anyone who wants to write a reviewCONTACT ME for a free copy.

I’ll also state that any teacher who forever reason can’t get a copy but wants one – just CONTACT ME. I’m serious. Money or means should never be a reason for not having a resource for your classroom.