It’s an iconic word and game. I’m surprised we don’t use it as an adjective – like, “I’ve been scrabbled”.

Today, I was going over some of my past writings, all hidden away in boxes and notebooks. Came across a “feuilliton”, a reflective essay that I wrote about scrabble years ago. I won’t bore you with it – but I will share some great info. and amazing resources for Scrabble.

{ caveat: I’m not a big fan of using word games in the classroom – but they do have their place, like a dictionary does }

1. Watch this “Crazy” presentation about Scrabble. ‘nough said, it will speak for itself.


2. Get some resources.

Online Scrabble games – The Original | BLAST |. SPRINT

Print and play Junior Scrabble game.

Icon Scrabble. Make a word using scrabble like tiles.

4. Don’t know how to play? Watch these video tutorials.

5. Watch a few classic scrabble videos! The Big Snit (award winning animation) and Death by Scrabble.

6. Make your own “BIG” Scrabble game like this teacher did for a summer camp!