Embedding and Hidden Challenge on EnglishCentral

bubblesEnglishCentral, a site where student can practice “speaking” English using authentic videos and “hip” content – just got better.

I’ve been working closely with the EnglishCentral team and you can expect more developments along the lines of sharing and social media. Also, being able to search and use this powerful “video corpus”. You’ll be able to search for “idioms” or any other language term and pull up loads of video examples. It’s powerful and exciting.

The two recent changes that I think will really help teachers are:

1. You can now embed their videos and use them on your school page / site!

2. The Hidden Challenge. Take away words and use as a listening cloze.

See a couple screenshots of each below. Also, note that you can easily just copy any transcript to the right of the video and then paste into a word document for printing and use in class! And of course, EnglishCentral continues to build up their teacher tools into a regular LMS (learning management system).

Enjoy using EnglishCentral with your students. A site with a perfect balance of CI (comprehensible input) and CO (comprehensible output).

ec hidden challenge

ec embed

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