detectorI”m sorry but I’ve had a bad day. All the B.S. about the “royal” wedding and people aimlessly following,  jollygagging along.  The farce of celebrity and bread and circuses. Who’ll break this circle of lies?

What I mean is that school should be a place for creating citizens that are critically aware, citizens that ask questions and who in the spirit of the enlightenment – are free and pull on their own oars. The evidence that surrounds me, shows that very little of this is the case. Especially worrisome is a school system that puts the royal farce on the boob tube and labels it as “educational” – without nare a discussion of what all this mass psychosis means. Visited the local library today and that’s what I found the librarian doing with a class of 11 year olds. Them watching TV and the teacher oogling the ceremony.

Where is the shit detector that we should by adult responsibility, be building into each and every youth? What good is school if not that it follows Socrates’ example  and “the life examined”? Is school and the classroom just another branch of an advertising agency? Is it just a place to kill time and socialize? Is it a lobby, a purgatory before the promise of  wasting a life making money?  Where is the critical mind and involved citizenry that was the promise of the enlightenment as they cast off the shackles of absolute monarchy, subservience and slave wages?

School does a piss poor job of getting students to critically examine their place in the world and the society where they live.  The evil of unquestioned knowledge is really scary and we live in scary times.

Just wanted to say this. Here is a movie I dug up, to throw a wrench into the machine. Ecrasez l’infame. Let’s hope there are a few teachers out there still asking their students to carry shit detectors instead of dreaming of buying the next handbag or Chanel fragrance.


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