einstein_580xI’m still going through and wiping down (cleaning) all my books and shelving them. It’s a long process because I continually keep “taking a break” and sitting down reading and reliving old memories.

Yesterday, came upon Einstein’s “Ideas and Opinions”. A book given to me on my 10th birthday, from a family friend, inspiring me to reach high. Meant a lot to me at that stage in my life. It was a “real” book, full of ideas and possibilities. Since that time, been a fan of Einstein. Not because he is iconic nor for his contributions to science. Mostly because he had a deep vision and view of humankind – especially regarding education and the need to pursue peace with “new ideas and opinions”.

niecesAnother aside about Einstein. My father looks like him! He’s Swiss German and doesn’t have the same set of hair but when we’d walk the streets of South Korea, it was hilarious how people would stare at him and then turn around, even point. All whispering, “Einstein!”. You decide on the similarity. I really don’t think there is any.

Enjoy this presentation I put together, in the hopes of inspiring you or your students – in the same vein Einstein has always inspired me. I also highly recommend this Harper’s article, based on some truth, Driving Across America with Einstein’s Brain.

Click to view the presentation

Click to view the presentation

Here’s the PPT: einstein