TreadmillDeskPhaseIIbJust a short post. I’ve not been posting much lately, for a few reasons:

A) been hard at work on several web projects and a redesign on EFL Classroom 2.0

B) Reading and looking at years worth of my old writings

C) Building this - a Treadmill Desk.

Now you probably already, for numerous reasons think I’m wacko. Fine. So I have no qualms about sharing more of my wacko ideas…….

I got the idea from a tweet by Daniel Craig (@seouldaddy)  about “Sitting is Killing You”


I’ve been a runner for over 33 years – hardly ever missed a day.  But the last 2-3 years have been gradually more and more crippled and it has got to the point where my legs won’t run. I get terrible calf cramping (from lack of oxygen) when I run, just after 2-3 minutes now. I vowed last year to get back on top of the running game, something I love. No go.

So I have to do something. It isn’t the whole solution but I think sitting has been killing me. So I intend to just walk while I’m working.

I’ve transitioned in my career and especially this year – to working / teaching mostly from  home. I love it. I’m doing great work. But alas, I sit a lot! I think it is killing the circulation in my legs and it is a warning for others who also teach online, at a desk.

I know a thing or two about treadmills, also running. (see the slideshow below). This seemed like a great solution. Right now it is an experiment that I’ll report on later ………………  Maybe some others who are wacko enough can join me?