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I’ve written lots about philosophies of education. How important they are to develop and sustain.  A lot of what is “stress” in today’s teaching world, derives from teachers working in settings that conflict with their own underlying philosophy of education – often, the teacher not really even knowing that this conflict exists!

I’m teaching philosophy of education with my students and one thing I had them do was to watch some film clips and try and match the “stylized Hollywood teacher” with a particular teaching philosophy. A great activity and I offer a simplified version here, to challenge you.

There are many labels and “types” of educational philosophies. Here are 5 main ones.

The challenge is – view the film clips below and match them to the philosophy of education. The films clips are from: Dead Poet’s Society | Stand and Deliver | Dangerous Minds | School of Rock | The Emperor’s Club . Match them to the correct philosophy of education: Perennialism | Essentialism | Progressivism | Existentialism | Social Reconstructivism

Put your answers as a comment and I’ll be awarding a free copy of my Teach | Learn techbook to all who get it right… Good luck! (click on the thumbnail of the movie to view)