Time for some levity!  It helps us survive our day in and day out teaching grind. It brings things into perspective. 


I’ve written previously some top 5 lists about teaching/studying English.  Hilarious stuff there. However, I think I have some equally hilarious but showing teachers in classrooms. So let’s go. Here are my top 5 funniest videos about teaching English. 


1. Katerine Tate and Comic Relief.Imagine her in your class!  Sterling – ‘nough said. 


2. Stripes: Harold Remis. I think this typifies many English teacher’s first time in front of a class.



3. Mind your language. Classic series that really is worth watching in full. Try this other one about vowel sounds!


4. Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial 2007

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0



5. English Teachers: Low key series from Japan.