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zen-18j8fadI just finished up my school year, sending off a new group of teachers into the possibility that is teaching / education.

This year in my course, my students did some reflective journal writing using my book Zen And The Act Of Teaching.  I spent many happy afternoons reading their amazing entries about their lives in the trenches (while watching sports – got to be honest!).  I was truly inspired and proud of these groups of young teachers- each bringing to the profession,  their own kind of reflectiveness, sincerity and thoughtfulness.

I asked some teachers to share their reflections and share with other teachers their writings. To my surprise, many stepped out and we’re willing to share.  So here it is – a slim volume of their reflective writings on many topics contained in the book.  I hope you enjoy dipping into this now and then.  My BIG thanks to all my former students!

Download and read their reflections  Zen Reflective Journal PDF ebook. Also get a POD hard copy, see below.

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