Get students practicing by embedding EnglishCentral videos

I was speaking with a few teachers this weekend and found out that though they are enthusiastic supporters of EnglishCentral, they didn’t know that they could embed EC videos on their moodle and get students practicing the videos right there!

Yes, it is that simple. Put them on a class wiki or your blog. Teachers won’t get use of our Teacher Tools or be able to track student progress / get reports without signing up as a teacher (do so here in the Academic Use area). However, your students can speak the videos as much as they want – and that’s the point, practice.

It’s easy to embed the videos.  Just go to the video detail page and click the embed icon. Grab the code and put into your page as html. Then students simply click  and study the video lessons.

Here’s how the video detail page looks and here is an example video lesson. Click it and start studying!

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3 Responses

  1. Helen Onyshchenko says:

    I have tried to embed the video onto a wiki and a blog. In both cases the video opens in a pop-up window and says ‘Register to continue’. So students can’t watch it unless they are registered on English Central 🙁

  2. ddeubel says:

    Hi Helen,

    Thanks for the comment. Strange and I’ll look into that. First I’ve heard of this and as you can see, I had no problem embedding here or elsewhere. Can you try using the embedded video on this wiki?

    I will reply separately as to why this is happening but feel free to write me at if you can provide a screenshot and also tell me more about the environment where you are embedding the videos. Thanks,

  3. Helen Onyshchenko says:

    Hi David,
    Right now everything embeds, opens and works :).. but I swear it didn’t when I wrote my comment 🙂
    All the best,

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