It was over 20 years ago that I got my teaching credentials from Laurentian University (now Nipissing University: Schulich School of Education where I have been teaching – freaky teaching courses you once took!).

A requirement of one course was to make our own book.  It was a wonderfully practical exercise and I brought the book to many of my subsequent teaching gigs, showed and motivated students with the same activity. Back then it was low/no tech and we stitched the bindings and all that. I made mine by sitting one evening with a pile of my bathroom magazines and cutting and pasting magazine text and images.  I was proud of the book and still am – it has a place in our livingroom showcase.

Finally spent some time digitizing it. It was a laborious task and I didn’t catch everything. But here it is – a relic of the past brushed off and remade.  If you are into storybook making, check out this post on the topic!


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