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I’ve been designing lesson materials for a long time and part of that has been printables for Gif Lingua. Each book has a set teachers can download to use to support teaching the topic of the book.

Now, they are all available  in an accessible folder. 1,000s of multipage sets on every conceivable topic (view the read only access google drive below).

You can get them through my Patreon page and becoming a patron (Super Star or Hall of Famer reward levels). I’ll be sharing through Patreon going forward and sharing great stuff daily. Your support is appreciated.  After becoming a Patreon, you’ll get access and a unique URL link.

Alternatively, sign up as a teacher on Gif Lingua, click the “Download” button on the homepage of any book and make payment there to get these printables directly on Gif Lingua.

Each printable you see contains several or dozens of pages – choose which will work with your class and teaching style. 1,000s of resources and an instant teacher resource library.

Download and print when you want and for whatever topic you are teaching.  I will be adding ebooks, templates and 1,000s of ppts in the near future.

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