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I’ve been around English language teaching (ELT) for 30 years now.  From day 1 in teacher’s college I was known as a “resource” and a “go to” guy for X or Y or Z. Back then it was VHS educational tapes or coursebooks, blackline master reproducible books.  Today, it is the same. I continue to amass and be enlivened by the “buzz” and pulse of ELT.

EFL Classroom was created in 2007 for precisely this reason – to share, to gather, to cull resources and also to have discussions around these teaching resources.

Discussion has traveled to Facebook and Twitter but still EFL 2.0 remains a place where teachers can get excellent, approved/quality (that’s key) teaching resources for ESL/EFL/ELT classes.

But I’ve found the community oldish, clunky and most importantly not about sharing anymore. It is still there and 1,000s drop in and download daily. But I’ve moved on and have now launched ELT Buzz.

I hope you’ll check it out and support it.

  •  ELT Teaching directory. New teachers can get essential lists / buzz of what is the best in ELT for many categories. Vote things up to show you think they are quality and the best.
  • SharingSubmit a site/service/product/person related to ELT you think should get seen.
  • Blogging.  View the blog. Or submit your own blog post. We use canonical URLs so we won’t cannibalize your original blog post or site. We’ll just get you a wider audience. Post a new blog post here.
  • Resources. View the Teaching resources category or the Top Videos category – all with resources for teaching with those videos.
  • Newsletter.  A key part of ELT Buzz.  Weekly update of all the news and new things in ELT. See our first issue. Subscribe to get it in your inbox.   Also see our constantly updated ELT Buzz News Feed. 

As you can see, its ambitious. A la the 37 signals ethos, I’m just getting it out there and building it as I go along. It will get much better in the coming weeks and months.

I hope you’ll contribute with upvoting, submitting, liking, sharing and getting the site known. Thanks in advance!

Feedback much welcome. Comment here or click the feedback button on ELT Buzz.

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Teacher trainer, technology specialist, educational thinker...creator of EFL Classroom 2.0, a social networking site for thousands of EFL / ESL teachers and students around the world.

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