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So You Want To Be A Teacher?


A poem speaking to some things inherent in great teachers. This remix is in memory of Charles Bukowski. 1920 – 1994.     — We miss you.   if it doesn’t come bursting out of you in spite of everything, don’t do it. unless it comes unasked out of your heart and your mind and your […]

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50 Ways To Use Music & Song

50blue1 (3)

I’m presently working hard on a number of forthcoming 50 lists. I intend to publish a new one each month this year and then end the year combining them all in one publication. Some of the lists forthcoming are; * 50 ways to teach writing * 50 ways to activate creativity and inquiry * 50 […]

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At The Airport


Probably one of the most common places a student will need to use English is at the airport. It’s an essential communication skill and one every English teacher will have to teach at one time or another. This video is a nice review of the standard language used to check in at the airport. EFL […]

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Living The Languages


I highly recommend these series of videos. Not just as an anthropologist and a teacher interested in language but as a human being who understands the importance of preserving cultural/ethnic diversity, our cultural genome. I presently live in Guatemala and this episode makes a great point – our educational systems worldwide are complicit by ignoring […]

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January 2015 Mid Month Updates


It’s that time of the month – time for a few basic updates about our community. I’ll be using these updates to provide members with information about some of the many fantastic resources available on the community. 1.  New Resources! * Get our 2015 Calendars * The World Is Awesome video listening and song rewrite. * Why do […]

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96 hour giveaway: Zen and the Act of Teaching ebook


I’ve been pleased as punch by the feedback for this reflective journal. It has been mentioned and highlighted in several publications this last year as well as the hard cover book being used in several training programs. Download the PDF ebook for your own review. Use the discount code: teachlearn on checkout. Please consider becoming an […]

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Top 20 EFL Classroom 2.0 Resources

teach learn

We have a great community! Pioneering, always fresh.  So much to help teachers. See these testimonials from members. Now that we are a paid community (very low cost), here is a little to encourage others to join or to help our thousands of current member teachers find our “gold”. 1. All Our 50 Lists. Make sure […]

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Beatles Resources


The Beatles are the number one band students prefer to learn English by, according to a Pearson survey (and see other musical preferences at that link).  I’ve recently put up the ultimate resources for teaching with Beatles songs. Available for purchase individually or join EFL Classroom 2.0 as a supporter and get access to the […]

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Why Do I Blog?


“I knew that I had a facility with words and a power of facing unpleasant facts, and I felt that this created a sort of private world in which I could get my own back for my failure in everyday life.” ― George Orwell, Why I Write I’ve been blogging about education without much of a break […]

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Community Changes In 2015


We have a great community which over the last 10 years has provided teachers around the world with incredible resources and information.  EFL Classroom 2.0. It’s been a great ride and continues to be so! However, times change and as of Jan. 01, 2015, the community will be private and paid.  $29.95, one time for […]

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“Functional” Videos


Language functions are a great way to focus student learning on communication. Showing students and having students study examples of language in use, language used to actually do and accomplish and communicate is a great methodology. EnglishCentral now has many videos focused on all the important language functions. Greetings, talking about family, apologizing, using the […]

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Teaching English Magazine


For those who don’t know yet or haven’t stumbled upon it – I’ve been curating a cool magazine that is available free to all. I spend a lot of time reading and this magazine shares only the best articles about the teaching profession. It’s a great PD primer. A great weekend way to browse and […]

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Teachers Pay Teachers Pay Teachers


Every week or month brings another announcement within the educational tech space of a new player in the “Teacher marketplace” place. I remember back in the early years online, before all the social media, Web 2.0 craze. It was natural and easy for teachers to share resources and help each other. In my own school […]

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Colorizing History. Technological Dilemmas.


Technology is allowing teachers to not just tear down the walls that surround their classroom, it also is allowing improved ways to present content. For the language classroom, images are an essential tool to generate conversation, contextualize vocabulary and build critical thinking skills. I’ve always cheerled my own powerpoint of “Best/Iconic photos of all time” […]

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50 Ways Lists

50blue1 (1)

The “50″ lists created over the last year have been a huge hit with teachers. So happy to know that these simple ideas are being used in classrooms everywhere. That’s what web 2.0 is all about. I thought it would be great to list them all in one handy place!  Just like our #1 in […]

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Educational Philosophy – a dialogue between Plato, Dewey and Marx


{this is part of the “Captive Mind” series of blog posts – publishing online and decommercializing thought.] This piece of reflection was inspired by a former professor of mine – Dr. Gerald Gutek, professor of education, Loyola University and author of many books on educational philosophy ( I highly recommend his A History of Western […]

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True False Cognates

false cognate

I’m presently enjoying life deep in the highlands of Guatemala. It’s why I haven’t been posting regularly and fanatically. All things at their own time and pace but I’ll be back in the new year – loud, clear, full of posts! I’m taking Spanish and will post many regular entries about my travails. It is […]

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A hard day at the office ….


I had a hard day at the office. Teachers usually do. So wrote this poem and will share.

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Stories from the trenches: The Creative Teacher

Rose Avenue Grade 4

Over the years, spending time with thousands of new or budding teachers – I’ve thought and thought and thought about the major factors that make a “great teacher”.   It’s not an easy thing to pin down, given that there are so many different teaching environments, so many different students and subjects.  However, this story […]

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Not just playing a part


I’ve been working on a new post this weekend, a reflection on my own development as a teacher and all the footprints that truly led me to where I am right now. Something for myself but which other teachers might find some truth therein. I’m not even near finished, so many footprints, so many seminal […]

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