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Sharing your “Teacher Self”


A bit of a reflective post today while I pack and then head off to TESOL Toronto. Looking forward to seeing many “teaching friends”. It’s put me in a contemplative mood, about my journey as an educator. About saying who we are as teachers and shining that light into the dark to lead others. One […]

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Angel vs Devil Debate


Debate is a great focus for the English language classroom. Students produce a lot of language but they also must internalize that language and “think” as they process the language. It really makes the English language they use, their own. My favorite “warmer” for debate type lessons or courses is “Angel vs Devil”. Students take […]

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Gif photos illustrating body language


I really love those short, sweet, “video like” gif photos and I can attest that students do too! Show GIFs to illustrate a whole number of things and as an living image, they really can be effectively used by teachers to illustrate and teach a large spectrum of language points. For example, this image. Students can: […]

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EFL Classroom 2.0 mid March updates


So many new things on the community the last few weeks. Here is a brief summary of some of the most important. Make sure to read our weekly magazine with all the latest readings in our field.   Enjoy and share. David 1.  Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, a great “Irish” listening lesson.   […]

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Download the Teach | Learn coursebook

title teach learn download

I have had such great feedback from teachers using the Teach | Learn coursebook and it’s been a sterling self-publishing success. 200 teachers bought the book the first week it was out and I reached the goal I had set to recoup my $$$. Since then I’ve offered it at times free and recently only […]

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A Cowbird Lesson example


I’ve long been a member of Cowbird and it’s a sterling example of real, authentic listening/reading/watching for ELLs. Along with several other sites that are truly “authentic”, it is ranked at the top of my list.  Off the top of my head, for students, I’d recommend:   Voicethread, EnglishCentral and Woices. I’ve  done a few […]

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A great video based lesson: The Pavement


The Pavement is a captivating video story.  Short and full of repetitive vocabulary for students to learn. Works with low or high levels too. 1. Watch the video. 2. Watch again using the cards (cut up and use just word cards). Have students put the vocab in order of the action.   The Pavement vocab cards […]

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A great Youtube channel


There is a lot of great video content out there for teaching. I try my best to stay on top of it all, despite the 1,000s of hours of video uploaded to the internet each minute.  Video is the future. Today, feeling a little introspective, I went to my private bookmarks of video content/channels/sites that […]

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7 Laws Of Teaching


This year marks the 130th anniversary of  John Milton Gregory’s influential (at its time) statement about what teaching and learning fundamentally is – The 7 Laws Of Teaching. Do you agree that they still apply to today’s classroom and schooling?  Which are true and which have not stood the test of time?  H.D. Brown’s more recent […]

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Video: Going To Pieces


I’ve long been a big fan of using video creatively in the classroom. My work with speech recognition and EnglishCentral proves that. However, I have a long history of not only making 100s of video based traditional lessons (see Lessons In A Can for EFL 2.0 members) but also using video editing software to really […]

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Introducing EFL Classroom 2.0


Yesterday, a lazy, sunny Sunday, I sat around and made this promo video for EFL Classroom 2.0.  A community that grew so many years ago out of my heart and spirit. But first the video and more on the community later. Yes, rough.  I’m learning, I’m editing and making video.  And that’s me.  Mucking about, […]

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Name 3 Game


I enjoy creating games that make life easier for teachers to teach English and which students enjoy playing and learning.  I’ve created some nice ones over the years – BAAM! / Top 5 / Transl8it to name just a few of these.  All available for members of EFL Classroom 2.0 in our resources section. Name […]

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School’s Out Forever


I’m still plugging away on my book, tentatively titled “School’s Out Forever” – a play on the famous cry of the immortal Alice Cooper, “School’s Out For Summer“. My idea is to think fresh, think anew and have a grasp that exceed’s my reach. To paint a picture of what education could really be like […]

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Movie Trailer Listening Lessons


I think movie trailers are an amazingly powerful media for use in the classroom. They are dramatic, motivating and short enough for intensive practice and assuring that students don’t get bored/lost. Here’s one really easy and standard way to use movie trailers in your classroom.  Took me all of 10 minutes to put this lesson […]

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EFL 2.0 Feb. Updates


There has been a lot of new things posted for members this month so far. Here are just a few of them. If you missed the February newsletter, find it here.  Also the recent edition of our online news magazine. 1.  Friends Furever.  You’ll love this adorable song/video with an important message. Great for class! […]

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Job Interview Practice


Job interviews can be pretty tough in your first language but imagine doing one in your second! You need to be well prepared and the more “real” you can make it, the more successful your practice will be. As someone who believes in video as a great medium to bring “reality” into the English language […]

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Literal Video Versions


Very creative “literal version” where the audio / lyrics are exactly describing what is happening in the video. Students will love it.  Get more of the best literal videos available online, on this page. I also highly recommend the video documentary: Remix Manifesto.  Highly though provoking and it clearly outlines how the concepts of “owning […]

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Language In Use


Here is a nice presentation of a lot of “functional” language. Expressions, vocabulary that students can use in certain contexts. They’ll need a teacher’s guidance to help them know the subtlties of using many of them but they are a handy reference available to members of EFL Classroom in a ppt version and also compliments […]

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Teacher Burnout & Stress


One of my goals this coming school year is to be more personal in my writing/blogging. I know I am guilty of sharing precious little about myself. I pontificate, philosophize, condemn, encourage but in that, I share little of “who I am”. I don’t want to be that kind of writer, blogger or secret sharer. […]

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Top Community “Valentines” Resources


I love teaching a Valentine’s Day lesson celebrating romance and love. It is high interest with many students and there is a load of very interesting material for all levels of students here on our community. Here’s just a few of the pages you can view and get some ideas from ….   If you […]

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