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Get Your Christmas Music

We have so much Christmas and Holiday music on EFL 2.0! Each Christmas it is a tradition to provide a handy Christmas music player that teachers can use in class or any time. Just click and select the song. Play while students are working, doing...

xmas karaoe

Christmas Karaoke

Every holiday season, our Christmas Karaoke voicethread gets busy with classrooms, students, teachers from around the world singing carols in English. So here sharing again this wonderful resource and way to practice English online. Enjoy. Have a great holiday season!

wheres travolta

Where’s Travolta?

I’ve been busy building Gif Lingua on my weekends and evenings with a strong team of developers and content editors. Slow but sure. Over the next month, we’ll complete the first 4,000 words of English in Gif book form. See the first dozen books here....


Pass the Paper: Xmas Carol version

I love this simple version of the Pass the paper game. After the music stops, the person with the paper has to sing and finish the Christmas Carol line. A lot of fun.   EFL Classroom 2.0 members can download the PPT and get dozens...


Thanksgiving community updates

Dear EFL Classrom 2.0 members, I”m writing to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving. Even if you don’t celebrate it, always a good reminder to be thankful for the things we have – family, friends, food, the future. It’s bee a long journey for me, over...


EFL Classroom Oct. Updates

Hi EFL Classroom 2.0 members, Here is a quick list of updates, new things on the community so far this month!  Hope all goes well in your own classroom and you find resources here that will help you out. View our updated magazine for all the...

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Video “snack” lessons

I’m a big proponent of short intensive language lessons based on videos.  So many great reasons to use video in this form instead of long versions/viewing. EnglishCentral does this well and teachers can get a downloadable transcript/lesson plan for each video – click “Video Details” on...


Teaching Swear Words

“I am my language.” What a powerful phrase about how language is so wrapped up with identity. Both our own personal identity and our social identity in a larger group. A language learner aims to get to the moment where they “flow” with the language...


Lessons Designed By The Teacher, About The Teacher

Exercise and Treadmills. I strongly believe in getting teachers to use their personal lives to motivate their students (you don’t have to reveal all!) and also getting teachers to make their own materials for teaching. The two go hand in hand. So here is a...


FREE: Zen And The Act Of Teaching

Zen And The Act Of Teaching is a reflective journal about the “art” of teaching for inservice or practicing teachers. I created it because of my deep belief in the need for a practical book that would help teachers to reflect both in discussion and writing,...


Gif Lingua Gets Going ….

I’m working hard with developers and content editors to build Gif Lingua –  a platform harnessing the enormous power of gif images as a “learning object”. Sign up for private beta access. Teachers will be able to instantly make gif books and download as powerpoints to...


EFL Classroom Community Updates

I hope all teachers are enjoying their classes and “back in the saddle”! It’s conference season (today I’m heading to TESOL Panama – if any members are going, please say hello and lets get a coffee and talk shop) and I hope members will share...


30 things at 30 lesson

This is a lesson that practices the skill of “watching’.  Read more about this 5th skill here. It’s simple to do and makes a nice video based lesson.  Get the video on the EFL Classroom teaching community and also see the 100s of video based...

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50 Best Practices For Language Teachers

                     50 “Best Practices” For Language Teachers                     “It’s a funny thing. The more I practice, the luckier I get.”                              – Arnold Palmer Through practice and experience...


I’m a curator.

I am a proud curator. Very proud. Making music from the noise out there. to cure: to make better. curator: someone who makes things better. So yep, I’m pleased to call myself a curator. Really will begin calling myself this rather than “aggregator” (sounds too...

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