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50 Timeless quotes for educators

“Like your body, your mind also gets tired so refresh it by wise sayings.”                                 ~Hazrat Ali I think many of us get inspiration from sharp quotes that strike like a bolt of thunder and get us seeing things anew, with fresh insight. I’m an...

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50 Best Practices For Language Teachers

                     50 “Best Practices” For Language Teachers                     “It’s a funny thing. The more I practice, the luckier I get.”                              – Arnold Palmer Through practice and experience...


50 Things To Do The First Week Of School

“Every journey begins with a simple thought.”                                                       – anonymous A new school year or semester on the horizon can be overwhelming. So much to do, so little  time!  However, don’t fret.  Most can be done during the first crucial week in class – a...

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50 Tips For Tired Teachers

Let’s be honest – there are days when as a teacher you are just “overwhelmed”.  Maybe from too many classes in a row over too many days. Maybe because of scheduling changes. Maybe due to being ill or stressed out.  It’s a fact, all teachers...

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50 Ways Lists

The “50” lists created over the last year have been a huge hit with teachers. So happy to know that these simple ideas are being used in classrooms everywhere. That’s what web 2.0 is all about. I thought it would be great to list them...

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50 Professional Development Tips for the New Year

50  Professional Development Ideas For The New Year   There is never a better time than “NOW” to start working on one’s own professional development as a teacher.  However, often unless by chance you find yourself in the perfect school with perfect colleagues – it is...

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