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Teacher burnout

Teacher burnout

One of my goals this summer is to be more personal in my writing/blogging. I know I am guilty of sharing precious little about myself. I pontificate, philosophize, condemn, encourage but in that, I share little of “who I am”. I don’t want to be...

The #1 …. (piece of advice to teachers)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. You are replaceable!!!! Yes, that’s it in a nutshell. It is a HARD thing to learn, however simple and comprehensible on the surface. I’ve worked and given my best in a lot of jobs....

“Sowers of Seeds” – a spring message

Spring is here in this part of the world. Hope rings eternal. I call it “the filling”. The world replenishes itself and begins the cycle of rebirth. ┬áIn a very significant way – teaching is this same “planting of seeds” and nurturing of the gift...

The Tao of Teaching

Over the last year – I’ve enjoyed reflecting on “teaching” through my forum collection, “The Tao of Teaching”.Now, you can get everything as a presentation for easy browsing. Hope you enjoy and please comment on the forum and add your own thoughts! Full Screen

Writing Tips from Bukowski.

I’ve always loved Charles Bukowski. Though much of his writing is “off” when he hits it – he’s dead on. God like. I was reading today, thinking about the writing process and Bukowski’s wonderful poem, “IF I Taught Creative Writing” came rushing back to me....

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