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The PRESENT is your present.

I’ll be posting less over the Xmas holiday.  I want to bury my head deep into some ed tech projects I’m working on.  One regarding short term memory and testing, the other fantastic curriculum for learners/teachers. Stay tuned for some big announcements in 2016. Wishing...


Get Your Christmas Music

We have so much Christmas and Holiday music on EFL 2.0! Each Christmas it is a tradition to provide a handy Christmas music player that teachers can use in class or any time. Just click and select the song. Play while students are working, doing...

xmas karaoe

Christmas Karaoke

Every holiday season, our Christmas Karaoke voicethread gets busy with classrooms, students, teachers from around the world singing carols in English. So here sharing again this wonderful resource and way to practice English online. Enjoy. Have a great holiday season!


Fantastic Videos For The Holidays

I’m a huge fan of video and especially during holiday time when teachers are in need of strong language learning material in video. Video is something the class can share and celebrate the end of the semester as class. Of course, there are so many...


Pass the Paper: Xmas Carol version

I love this simple version of the Pass the paper game. After the music stops, the person with the paper has to sing and finish the Christmas Carol line. A lot of fun.   EFL Classroom 2.0 members can download the PPT and get dozens...

courtesy SteenDoessing

It’s About Relationships

I’ve been spending a wonderful Christmas with family and friends in Canada over the holidays.  Lots of activity, birthdays along with parties and the regular Christmas meetings and greetings.  It got me really thinking about life and especially the glue that keeps all life together...


Letters to Santa

This is a great activity for Christmas!  Why  not have your students write a letter to Santa! Here’s a nice template. Two options. They can either write a letter to Santa which someone in the class will write back to. OR  Students can write a...


Christmas Gift Giving

Get this widget for your class page and students can leave gifts for each other! Very much like my Christmas idea of giving gifts in class – find it here. Try it – Leave me a gift or leave one for fellow bloggers/EFL Classroom 2.0...


The alive and the online

This evening, I went out to the local symphony’s Christmas Concert.  A wonderful gathering of many in this small city.  They played the score for the Christmas film – The Snowman by Peter Briggs.  Plus lots of carols and they had the whole audience singing...

movie ticket

The #1 ….. (Christmas gift for a teacher)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. Movie Tickets This one comes from my own playbook and what I’ve just adored over the years. Teachers work hard and usually don’t get out to the movies often. A nice pair of tickets...

xmas karaoe

Christmas Karaoke Voicethread – Come Sing and Learn!

Christmas Karaoke Voicethread! See all EFL Classroom 2.0’s learning Voicethreads! Get the Christmas Spirit! I put this up so we can share the gift of music and when others listen, they can also learn some English and catch the Christmas spirit. Let me know if...

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