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Using photos when teaching

My work building EnglishCentral and Gif Lingua have convinced me how images are so important for teaching language. The future of language learning and teaching is visual, is controlled reality.  We teachers can provide so much context to teach direct and also the most salient features, points of...

Saying NO (more)

May 1st has come and gone but how many of us teachers really challenged our students to learn about the place and importance of “the working class” in our teaching?  How many of us challenged students to think about how we get the things we...

The Competitive Side of Schooling

Having recent stepped back from teaching, I’m starting to see the forest for the trees and been thinking a lot about the “competitive” nature of our classrooms, our schools and our western educational systems. First off, I’m not a warm and fuzzy “humanist”, asserting that...

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