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Introducing EFL Classroom 2.0


Yesterday, a lazy, sunny Sunday, I sat around and made this promo video for EFL Classroom 2.0.  A community that grew so many years ago out of my heart and spirit. But first the video and more on the community later. Yes, rough.  I’m learning, I’m editing and making video.  And that’s me.  Mucking about, […]

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January 2015 Mid Month Updates


It’s that time of the month – time for a few basic updates about our community. I’ll be using these updates to provide members with information about some of the many fantastic resources available on the community. 1.  New Resources! * Get our 2015 Calendars * The World Is Awesome video listening and song rewrite. * Why do […]

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Top 20 EFL Classroom 2.0 Resources

teach learn

We have a great community! Pioneering, always fresh.  So much to help teachers. See these testimonials from members. Now that we are a paid community (very low cost), here is a little to encourage others to join or to help our thousands of current member teachers find our “gold”. 1. All Our 50 Lists. Make sure […]

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Gems of EFL 2.0: Poetry in the Classroom

Poetry is in my soul (read my own, if interested HERE) and I think if used correctly, it is a powerful activity in the EFL Classroom. In that vein, find a plethora of resources on the Poetry In The Classroom page. Lots of ideas and printables (click the links at the top of the page), […]

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Gems of EFL 2.0 – Classroom Management

Classroom management related questions are the top email item I get. I get them often from both new and experienced teachers alike. It is a skill that needs a teacher’s constant attention. The ground is always moving underneath us. In response to this, I created a Classroom Management directory page. Loads of videos, quizzes and […]

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EFL 2.0 Gems – Our Podcast Library


I’m a major “junk” collector and when I first started using Huffduffer, just couldn’t resist collecting all the best education/teaching related podcasts on the web. And I think I’ve achieved that, bar none. You’ll enjoy searching with handy tags and you’ll be sure to find some “gems”. My favorite podcast has to be this one […]

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EFL 2.0 Gems: ELT and Tech

ELT and Tech is a wiki I use to detail all the tutorials I’ve created + references for using technology to teach language. I’m continually adding tutorials and updating the existing ones. Use the page links on the right, to navigate through the site. There are dozens of tutorials on things like how to embed […]

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Gems of EFL 2.0: Our Teacher Toolbox

The Teacher Toolbox is something I’m proud of. I’m a curator and enjoy finding “the best”, especially the best things to help teachers. On this page are certainly the “top” of the top – things every teacher can use and put to use in their class right away. There are clocks for timing students. I […]

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Gems of EFL 2.0: Our Classrooms

On EFL Classroom 2.0, we call our groups – “Classrooms“. We have over 100 of them and recently, they’ve gained unbelievable functionality and really are almost full social networks in their own right. All members can start a group. Make unlimited webpages for your group members. Make the group private (a school/teacher/class might want to […]

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Gems of EFL 2.0: Top Content

There is so much on EFL Classroom 2.0, the biggest challenge is finding it! I’m trying my best to help teachers and learners in this discovery process and work hard at making the main page search, tag search, tag clouds work. Posts like this “gem” series help too. However, they is even a better way […]

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EFL 2.0 gems: Karaoke dialogues

I am very proud of this very underused resource- our karaoke dialogue page. You get a full ebook of all the blank dialogues + Karaoke or video files of the full dialogue or with parts missing where the student can reply with their own voice. It’s a stellar activity and try it below or go […]

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EFL 2.0 gems: Name The Language

This “game” is based upon my first successful game “Who Is Speaking” which used the speech accent archive. In it, you listen to the 1st Article of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man spoken in a foreign language. Then you guess and see how you did. It’s quite the challenge! There are different […]

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Gems of EFL Classroom 2.0: Kid’s Karaoke

Beyond TEFL certificate training, I first got into giving serious workshops through and about “Karaoke in the classroom”. I find karaoke a great tool for not just improving reading skills but also getting students some controlled speaking practice. In that vein, find lots of karaoke on EFL Classroom 2.0. However, today I’d like to highlight […]

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Language “Starters”

One of the major skill sets of a great language teacher is the ability to “prompt” students so they will generate language. It isn’t easy and with time a teacher becomes better at replying, prompting, leaving unfinished their utterances so that students are put into a position of “having to communicate”. It is a skill […]

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June 27, 2007 12:44 am – my first EFL Classroom 2.0 post

[ I’m highlighting the “gems” of EFL Classroom 2.0 this month.  So, thought it appropriate to post up the first of over 1,500 blog posts in that time.  The start. ] Educational Bliss I really truly, madly deeply, believe in the power of education. Not as a way to knowledge but wisdom — as a […]

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Gems of EFL 2.0 – our newsletter

Here is the latest version of our newsletter – scoopit style! Get the archive of our newsletters HERE. Get more gems all month as we highlight them here.

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Gems of EFL Classroom 2.0 – Video Email

Our Video eMail page is a truly hidden gem! Send feedback to students with it. Get students to record using it and send you the result. A tool that is stellar for promoting student speaking practice. Strong privacy controls too. Listen to me describe it by using it! Just click the pic. Get more gems […]

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TED TALKS – “Mind seasoning”

Right from the start, I was a TED addict. Sterling talks on a wide variety of topics. Great “mind seasoning”. I’ve written many times about TED talks but took it a step further, creating a handy TED “Random” video player with HD videos. Just refresh the page and get a random “taste” of TED. Or […]

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What The Wordle

Teaching vocabulary can sometimes be trying. Mostly because it involves a lot of “new” stuff for students and a lot of slogging through, a lot of hard work on the part of the learner. What The Wordle helps! They are a series of presentations, games really, that I made to “liven up” vocabulary learning. Click […]

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Youtube 4 Teachers

Video Rulz! However for teachers, youtube can be problematic in the classroom. Too many distractions, too many ads. The students are busy looking at all the other stuff and not focusing on the main video. I’ve made a player that helps immensely. Drawing on youtube’s API, you even get higher quality and more reliably streamed […]

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