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School’s Out Forever


I’m still plugging away on my book, tentatively titled “School’s Out Forever” – a play on the famous cry of the immortal Alice Cooper, “School’s Out For Summer“. My idea is to think fresh, think anew and have a grasp that exceed’s my reach. To paint a picture of what education could really be like […]

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Disrupting ELT

Clayton Christensen, Harvard professor and proponent of how new technologies change traditional market structures and relationships, defines disruption as “the process of transforming something that was previously expensive and complicated into something affordable and simple that everyone can obtain.” This is my own drum beat, as I look at my own dedicated road along ELT. […]

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The Future of the “Tech”book

The past few weeks, I’ve been mulling over the future of “the book”. In particular, the textbook and even more precisely the ELT textbook. Probably been thinking about this because I’m busy every day making books (and I use “make” deliberately – authors these days can “make” books and not just write them). Further prompted […]

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The “Flipped” Classroom

This video opens the door into the actual practice of the flipped instructional model. (not a language classroom but think of what it would mean for one). A very interesting way to think of “teaching”. Basically, it means for ELT that the heavy lifting, the explanation and focusing on form is consigned to the language […]

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The #1 …. (myth in education)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. Learning = School = Education Learning is not 9 to 3, Mon. to Friday. Learning is not with a teacher and sitting at a desk. Learning is not a diploma or certificate. Learning is 24/7, learning is in our own hands, learning is possible […]

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Imagine…. (a poem about school)

Imagine a classroom where there is no teaching                                                      only learning. Imagine a classroom where there is no leader only common purpose. Imagine a classroom where there is no remembering […]

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The Future of Learning II

The future of teaching is learning. This is an addendum to my last post – The future of learning. Just watched this now 3 year old presentation – A Manifesto for Learning. I think it appropriate, given what the last 3 years have presented to us (better access to technology, more profusion of web 2.0, […]

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Make 3 wishes….

I really believe in the power of faith. Long ago, I remember reading C.S. Lewis’ poignant, “The Problem with Pain” and noting his wonderful philosophy of simply acting as if something were true. That if we pretend the world is so, it might just become so…. So since this is the new year, I’d like […]

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Web 2.0 and English Language Learning

Web 2.0 and English Language Learning A New Model or A New Muddle? “ In the electronic age, we wear all mankind as our skin” – Marshall McLuhan (this article is one of a series on my blog – highlighting how educators can publish and get readers online instead of keeping their knowledge behind the […]

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The future of teaching is learning.

I really enjoyed Charles Leadbeater’s – “We-Think” (see the cool video clip of its premise HERE). He really hit the nail on the head when it came to how the world was changing due to communicative technologies, Web 2.0 and the rise of the “amateur” and mass participation in innovation/ideas. Today, watched for a second […]

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Teachers / Students – the gap narrows

If you look at one constant in education (over 100s of years), we see one very clear trend — the blurring of the lines between teacher / student. Technology is only speeding up this process and it is especially true for English Language Teaching. We are no longer custodians of knowledge but seeds of knowledge. […]

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Cut, Snip and Paste – Reality can’t be copyrighted!


This weekend, I set eyes upon some glorious writing – Texts without Contexts by Michiko Kakutani. Thank god for fearless and perfecting critics such as her! Few really like her but I think she is brilliant with a capital B and in this latest piece, she reviews so much about the paradigm shift that is […]

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Assessment – Have we got it all wrong?

I just spent an exhausting but stimulating weekend away from home attending a conference. Nice, engaging teachers and sessions. The last session was an open mic panel discussion and one of those on the panel Mike Misner, an extensive reading enthusiast, commented that “we should assess students by HOW MUCH they have read, not how […]

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A Manifesto 4 2morrow’s Learning

I’ve blogged about this previously but now want to provide for those who haven’t seen it, my full thoughts about the “future of learning”. Presently, schools don’t get it and that’s why so so so so much learning is actually not school based! Yeah, think about that. Emperical studies have shown that kids learn everywhere, […]

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