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To Those Who Believe In Ideas


Contrary to what many think – it is not action, it is not money, it is not the vote which makes this world a better place. It is the interchange of ideas, the free flow of ideas. In light of the death of Aaron Schwartz, I’m glad others are looking deeply at the protectionist academic […]

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Top 60 Websites for teaching/learning English

This presentation is often visited and I’m proud I took the time to distill and filter and come up with what I think are “winners”. Takes teachers so much time to find “gold” and this will help. Not a full answer but …… Sit back and enjoy a cool CC tune from CCmixter! Get the […]

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The Summer of my Discontent

“Living is an affair for those who turn on the ovens” Believe it or not – I’m usually a very positive guy. In life, in the classroom and online. I’m accused often of being too positive and forward looking, being naive and idealistic. I used to take those condemnations and wear them as a badge […]

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The Captive Mind …..

I grew up on a farm, always outside, always with dirt under my finger nails and a pulse that mistrusted intellectuals. Pencil pushers we called them. This despite the fact I always had my head in a book when time would be so kind, this despite my own “airs” and pseudo intellectual pretensions. As I […]

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Technology and Teaching Languages

Here is a presentation in brief – focusing on how technology relates to curriculum. Some tips, some thoughts ……. HERE is the paper version.

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Education online – not Online education! Don’t be duped.

Anyone whose read a little of my stuff (and fluff too), throughout the years knows with a capital “K” that I’m an ardent supporter of education being free of influence and especially profit. Be that a school where our young go each day or be it twitter or any site or social network. However, human […]

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Don’t Dim the Light!

I think many American educators but also teachers everywhere, should be VERY concerned about how governments and large corporations are trying to limit and filter the access to information online by students. This is happening at a rapid pace and I’m horror struck. Please read the article below about pending Communication Commission regulations. The author […]

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