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Letters of reference (from parents)

Looking for a job ain’t easy. It can be frightening and stressful. So much you have to attend to and on top of it all, you have to stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, us TEFLers seem to change jobs much more than regular subject teachers. We are the gauchos of the educational world. Last […]

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Why did you leave home to teach?

This morning during my usual coffee and book – came across the above quote. It really got me thinking about the reasons many EFL teachers (or others), pack their bags and leave home behind. It is relatively easier to “take off” these days. Not so much isolation, faster travel, the world is getting smaller. Still, […]

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Who says who is a “bad” teacher?

I wanted to name this post – “We need bad teachers” but thought that would get me off on a tangent. So I decided to voice it about those who might think they have “the authority” to decide who is or isn’t a bad teacher. It’s cold here in Canada. I’m snowed in. Seems like […]

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Hire Me! Hire MORE Teachers!

My previous blog post “Fire All English Teachers” was a satire on my part and not what I fundamentally believe. I tried to put a lot of “references” to tongue in cheek stuff but I guess I was just too subtle with the “Swift” and the “Common Sense” references. So let me come clean and […]

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Teaching Jobs – Help spread the news!

Jobs are important, they are the door to $$$$ and it is important even if you have a secure job, to keep intouch with what is happening in the ELT (English Language Teaching) job market. I’ve been a student of this biz for awhile and will be coming out with a new site that is […]

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Teaching English in Korea – an interview

As many here know, I’m a teacher in Korea. I constantly get asked questions about teaching here — about visas, cost of living, requirements, job conditions etc…. Always happy to reply to the best of my ability. John at JetsetCitizen just published an interview with me covering much of this. If you are wondering about […]

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