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EFL 2.0 gems: Karaoke dialogues

I am very proud of this very underused resource- our karaoke dialogue page. You get a full ebook of all the blank dialogues + Karaoke or video files of the full dialogue or with parts missing where the student can reply with their own voice. It’s a stellar activity and try it below or go […]

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Gems of EFL Classroom 2.0: Kid’s Karaoke

Beyond TEFL certificate training, I first got into giving serious workshops through and about “Karaoke in the classroom”. I find karaoke a great tool for not just improving reading skills but also getting students some controlled speaking practice. In that vein, find lots of karaoke on EFL Classroom 2.0. However, today I’d like to highlight […]

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The “Blank” Dialogue Updated


The blank dialogue is a very “natural” teaching approach. Something intuitive about it. I used it in my early days of teaching – just pausing a dialogue on cassette tape and asking students to respond. You had to get skilled with using those big buttons! That is what being a teckkie used to entail! Most […]

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Kinetic Typography for teaching English

The last 3 weeks, when I could spare a moment, I’ve been learning how to make a Kinetic Typography style video.   I think this technology offers great “power” for contextualizing and presenting language for learners.   For a long number of years – I’ve been a karaoke fan, producing thousands of karaoke files for […]

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Making a Karaoke file

Karaoke is a great tool for teachers and students that I’ve been promoting for ages. Lots of posts on here about it. It is great for both controlling audio and text, contextualizing audio and listening/reading skills coupled with phonemic awareness. It is multimodal and really has the WOW factor. I finally updated the tutorial on […]

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Cue Prompter and Transl8it.com

Today, two quick tips of two very innovative and adaptable tools. The Cue Prompter and Transl8it.com. Listen/Watch as I show you them and suggest some uses. Get the dialogues mentioned HERE. Hat tip to @russeltarr for the tip about the prompter!

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Gosing – Another Karaoke option…

I’m really proud of the karaoke on EFL Classroom! We have so many options for teachers – see this post for how to get these and set up the player and make your own karaoke. However, often not mentioned, is a cool alternative, Go Sing. Go Sing is a traditional karaoke player that is in […]

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Karaoke to teach English!

We have LOADS of karaoke for use in the classroom here. See the links assembled below. Karaoke is a great tool for any language teacher. It really helps with phonetic recognition (connecting text to speech – reading) and highly motivational. It also is adaptable and you can vary the speed, the context (pictures) , the […]

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Writing Tips from Bukowski.

I’ve always loved Charles Bukowski. Though much of his writing is “off” when he hits it – he’s dead on. God like. I was reading today, thinking about the writing process and Bukowski’s wonderful poem, “IF I Taught Creative Writing” came rushing back to me. So here it is below. Along with a recent Bukowski […]

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Michael Jackson – All his songs with lyrics for learning English!

Michael Jackson will never die! I truly believe that and when we commit to excellence, no matter what else our manner, a part of us will live forever. Michael Jackson touched eternity and we will enjoy his genius forever and anon. I’ve traveled and taught English around the world. Wherever I was, I could count […]

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Mix Tube – An easy way to “gather” your Youtube videos

MIX TUBE Mixtube is a really simple way for teachers to make a list of their favorite Youtube videos You simply put in the url/address of the video and it will be added to your list. You can “borrow” a list of others and use it as the foundation to build your own. (just go […]

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Christmas Karaoke Voicethread – Come Sing and Learn!

Christmas Karaoke Voicethread! See all EFL Classroom 2.0’s learning Voicethreads! Get the Christmas Spirit! I put this up so we can share the gift of music and when others listen, they can also learn some English and catch the Christmas spirit. Let me know if you have a special request, I’ll be adding more songs […]

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