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A Cowbird Lesson example


I’ve long been a member of Cowbird and it’s a sterling example of real, authentic listening/reading/watching for ELLs. Along with several other sites that are truly “authentic”, it is ranked at the top of my list.  Off the top of my head, for students, I’d recommend:   Voicethread, EnglishCentral and Woices. I’ve  done a few […]

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Movie Trailer Listening Lessons


I think movie trailers are an amazingly powerful media for use in the classroom. They are dramatic, motivating and short enough for intensive practice and assuring that students don’t get bored/lost. Here’s one really easy and standard way to use movie trailers in your classroom.  Took me all of 10 minutes to put this lesson […]

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Listening Practice Made Easy

Listening is a very under taught skill by almost every teacher. It really should be a focus and is such an important part of language learning. I’ve written a popular post offering a lot of suggestions on how to do this – however I can’t think of anything easier than using EnglishCentral‘s “hidden challenge” function. […]

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EFL 2.0 Gems – Our Podcast Library


I’m a major “junk” collector and when I first started using Huffduffer, just couldn’t resist collecting all the best education/teaching related podcasts on the web. And I think I’ve achieved that, bar none. You’ll enjoy searching with handy tags and you’ll be sure to find some “gems”. My favorite podcast has to be this one […]

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EFL 2.0 gems: Name The Language

This “game” is based upon my first successful game “Who Is Speaking” which used the speech accent archive. In it, you listen to the 1st Article of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man spoken in a foreign language. Then you guess and see how you did. It’s quite the challenge! There are different […]

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“Listen In” to student audio

This week, EnglishCentral released their “Listen In” feature. Now, not only can students “speak” youtube videos, teachers can also listen in and provide assessment and feedback to their students. I’m not going to outline how to access this. Just register as a teacher, sign up students and then find this on your Teacher Tools reports […]

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The “power” of possibility – change the lyrics.

I’m a big fan of always exciting students with “possibility”.  By that I mean, designing a lesson so that they can change and interact with the content in creative, personal ways. They can be touched by possibility – much like we are when online and using Web 2.0 tools. One easy way to do this […]

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Interactive Youtube videos

There are some great Youtube videos out there which are “interactive”. Meaning, students can watch the storyline and then are asked to make decisions and continue with the story. They really keep the students’ attention. A very strong prediction viewing type activity. By far , the best IMHO is The Treasure Hunt – with Chad, […]

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CDLP – a wonderful adult listening site

CDLP – The California Distance Learning Project, is one of the many governmental sites leading the way towards free online learning resources. It doesn’t have a lot of “flash” but it has an abundance of semi authentic materials with audio and extra vocabulary study. Excellent stuff that will interest students. Just choose a category and […]

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Listening for Gist – the 5 Ws

Listening is one of the most overlooked skills, especially in the initial stages / levels of language learning. (see my blog post here about this and download the activities ebook). Using authentic listening materials combined with the 5 Ws, really makes a great multi level approach. Best used with news reports and I especially like […]

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Words – haunting words…

Larry Ferlazzo let me on to another marvellous RadioLabs video today. The last one, I blogged and lessoned about here – The Dimensions of the Present Moment I find them haunting. So well done, so real. I kind of think I’m right there in the screen or like that Woody Allen movie, “The Purple Rose […]

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Musical Appreciation Lesson/Day

Music is a wonderful way to get students learning English and producing language. See all our resources about music HERE. Also, see Rachel’s lovely post on the same topic, only using music videos! This lesson is very teacher friendly and can be used with guidance, for multiple levels. 1. Listen to a song together. Tell […]

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Who’s Speaking? Guess the Accent.

This game, Guess Who’s Speaking, I designed using the Speech Archives and stock photos. It could be a good listening activity for students (it provides repetition) and also a way to discuss stereotypes. Basically, you first guess who might be speaking (these aren’t the real people but it is fun to think about this and […]

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David Lynch’s Interview Project

There are a few constant questions I get from many people. One in particular is “So, what is the best place you’ve lived?” I’m always a bit puzzled by it and have to reply truthfully, “Anywhere there are good people”. You see, teaching and also travel, is all about “people”. At least that’s what I’ve […]

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Listening – Too often a poor classroom cousin!

Listening! Activities galore for your classroom! Listening is a very overlooked skill in our classrooms. It is as vital (or even more so!) in the beginning as speaking and we should treat it so. But too often, it is the poor cousin. No more! Here are the major listening activities grouped by type. I’ve provided […]

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