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The Dimensions of the present moment

When I was a young(er) teacher, quite cut off and alone in a town in the Czech Rep. — one of the books that were my best friends was “The Dimensions of the Present Moment” – a collection of essays by the Czech immunologist /...

Picture Sets

Pictures are the fundamental “intermediary” for context in language teaching. That can be the pictures in a textbook, those in flashcards, on the board, in a power point or through video. They bridge the bewilderment of sound and give it meaning. The best pictures for...

Flikr Poet

Flikr poet is so simple it is astonishing! A great example of how web 2.0 applications are transforming our teaching and classrooms. No doubt, Flikr Poet makes learning happen – happen quicker, better, faster than many other methods. What is it? Well, Flikr Poet gives...

The #1 ….. (site for royalty free photos)

The #1 ….. (site for royalty free photos)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. Flickr CC – Storm Nowadays, it is imperative that teachers provide rich content and context when giving lessons. Pictures are essential and beyond your own picture portfolio – you should have a digital portfolio....

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