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Teaching English Magazine


For those who don’t know yet or haven’t stumbled upon it – I’ve been curating a cool magazine that is available free to all. I spend a lot of time reading and this magazine shares only the best articles about the teaching profession. It’s a great PD primer. A great weekend way to browse and […]

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Not just playing a part


I’ve been working on a new post this weekend, a reflection on my own development as a teacher and all the footprints that truly led me to where I am right now. Something for myself but which other teachers might find some truth therein. I’m not even near finished, so many footprints, so many seminal […]

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Keeping going …..


Today, went out for a nice bike ride with “my old man”. He’s almost 70 and he kicked my butt! Truly. I’ll admit I’m not in great shape anymore but watching my dad, “power in” the last 20 k of our ride, me lagging behind – gave me pause. The guy just doesn’t age and […]

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Teacher Training

make things clear

Please see my Teacher Training page for loads of presentations I’ve created and delivered throughout my teaching career.   My new glossary is also a steadfast reference. This list and video library of Educational Thinkers has a lot of valuable learning. Please be sure to see the  Professional Development category on EFL Classroom 2.0.   I’d […]

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Joking Matters


I’ve spent the weekend reading the Heidegger and a Hippo walk through those Pearly Gates, the sequel to the amazing Plato and a Platypus Walk Into A Bar. Amazing books that combine commentary with jokes. As I’m reading, I was thinking of how jokes so well inform us teachers. So many times, jokes have framed […]

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Teachers Talking About Teaching


I just finished up my school year, sending off a new group of teachers into the possibility that is teaching / education. This year in my course, my students did some reflective journal writing using my book Zen And The Act Of Teaching.  I spent many happy afternoons reading their amazing entries about their lives in […]

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Gus the Bus (Driver)

GUS the BUS (Driver) full screenI want to thank those readers who’ve written asking me about when I’ll be blogging again. Honored. I haven’t been blogging for several reasons; marking students’  work (Philosophies of Education), my work with EnglishCentral (stay tuned for major developments) and  just needing a break. But mostly haven’t been writing because of […]

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Letter to Self

I just got home after an absolutely stunning fall day with my preservice teachers class – Education and Schooling. This year, I’m again using an old trick I learned from the amazing Benjamin Zander. I’m getting them to write letters to themselves. They write a letter to themselves, saying why they got an A in […]

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The main reason for P.D.

This morning spent some time reading and thinking about professional development for teachers. It’s an important issue – especially these days with the public demanding we root out “bad” teachers and set up systems of evaluating teachers. Most good educational systems ask teachers to (even demand by law) engage in some form of professional development. […]

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A Teacher’s Invisible Knowledge and Skill

Let me start with a question. Which of the girls above speaks the most fluent English? Can you put them in order from best to worst fluency? Now that you’ve done that – note that these are the “Wondergirls”, a Korean girlband phenom. They are being interviewed in America. Watch the first 50 seconds and […]

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The #1 …. (EFL Prof. Development site)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. The British Council’s – Teaching English Last week I wrote about the #1 Professional Development site for ESL. This week, the focus is EFL. I’m a big fan of  the power of “Teaching Voices”, the development that comes when teachers share their own stories […]

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ELT Chat – great professional development

I would like to highlight ELT Chat – a twitter chat that happens every Wed. at 12 and 21 hr. GMT. (check the World Clock). Vote below on the topic for this week! What happens is that great educators offer tips and thoughts on the chat topic. Using the twitter hashtag #eltchat the talks can […]

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Teaching is ….

This is an abridged version of my closing graduation speech I recently gave (and blogged about) where I work. Words to those entering the teaching profession. Something more heartfelt and personal. Sorry for the bad audio but I did this in one take and without any notes…. just thoughts in my head. FULL SCREEN Here […]

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Guest Posts….

I’m a true blue believer in “sharing”. Not just resources but also our own teaching ideas and experience. We all have something to share and add to the benefit of the wider community. Praxis > informed action or as I see it, “walking the talk” is especially important. In that vein, I’ve supported from the […]

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The Devil’s in the Details – Small Musts.


I just spent a day evaluating Korean teachers in their classrooms, as part of the TEE (Teaching English in English) program. I’m going to keep away from that topic – it’s still too raw, so to speak. However, I did take lots of notes and some things kept repeating themselves. Mostly small things that teachers […]

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Presentations to help new teachers

I have many presentations both on our Professional Development page, on our Practice Page and on our Teacher Training page — which provide many tips and pointers regarding teaching language. Here are the main ones in video that might benefit those newer teachers starting to teach this coming school year. Get them directly by clicking […]

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How God made “the teacher”.

It isn’t easy being a teacher, is it? So much we have to do and be capable of – almost takes super human ability. However there is one quality that truly sets a great teacher apart. Watch this presentation and find out what I think that is…. it is an imaginary conversation between God and […]

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Teaching Struggles – Some Medicine.

I have the honor and privilege of quite often giving end of year, end of course, graduation and other speeches to teachers. I take it seriously and usually end with a story. Stories work well and inspire. One of the ones I’ve used most often is this one – MAKE A DIFFERENCE. But I have […]

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Reflective Teaching Practices in ELT

I recently attended Kotesol’s National Conference. It was themed upon “Reflection and Prof. Development”. I had a great time (thanks to all who attended my own following day workshops!) and sat in on some excellent lectures/presentations. But the highlight was the opening plenary by Dr. Thomas Farrell. I was taken with his very practical focus […]

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An open source TEFL Certificate. Possible?

I’ve been working hard on something that has been “pregnant” for several years – a teacher training (TEFL) certificate. As many will know, I really want “quality” when it comes to teaching, I really want content and the profit model put in its proper place when it comes to education. We have so many new […]

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