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96 hour giveaway: Zen and the Act of Teaching ebook


I’ve been pleased as punch by the feedback for this reflective journal. It has been mentioned and highlighted in several publications this last year as well as the hard cover book being used in several training programs. Download the PDF ebook for your own review. Use the discount code: teachlearn on checkout. Please consider becoming an […]

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Sell On Facebook


This blog post is a follow up on my recent post “Disrupting ELT: ebooks“.  I’m really keen on the new possibilities web 2.0 and technologies have for “the little guy”, us practicing teachers. We can now share and produce our own materials quite easily. This community is a testament to that. We don’t have to […]

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Gems of EFL 2.0: ebooks!

There has been some talk in  ELT circles about “The Round”, a new endeavor in the ELT self publishing field.  I wish them all the best. I’m all for this and have written extensively how others may make/design/market/sell their own book. Still, it seems like a lot of talk and I’m waiting for the beef. […]

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Teach | Learn – download the “techbook”.


I published Teach | Learn about 8 months ago.  A lot of what I’ve learned and believe about teaching English to students in a classroom went into this simple book. It’s simplicity can be deceiving and it is based on my own belief in SCC or Student Created Content. Find out more through these tagged […]

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Dancing to the pied “textbook” piper

I spent a few hours looking at the conference offerings this coming fall. Something I’m used to doing and invigorated by – I’m energized by the pursuit of knowledge and no better place than a conference, a meeting of minds. Yet, this usually vitalizing activity got me very depressed. Why? Well, it seems there is […]

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The Idiot’s Dictionary – early release


I mentioned this book previously. Now, releasing it early – I’ll have a hard cover, POD (Print On Demand), for purchase version shortly. Download The Idiot’s Dictionary.doc I’ll only say thank you to my niece Gabriella, who painstakingly went over the copy and edited everything. Thank you! Here, I’ve reprinted the short forward (the print […]

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The Future of the “Tech”book

The past few weeks, I’ve been mulling over the future of “the book”. In particular, the textbook and even more precisely the ELT textbook. Probably been thinking about this because I’m busy every day making books (and I use “make” deliberately – authors these days can “make” books and not just write them). Further prompted […]

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“Real” books ….

I’ve got some more of my ebooks up onto Lulu (and shortly Amazon). Available now as “real” books, POD – Print On Demand. Here’s the preview for “The Unbearable Lightness Of Being A Teacher”. Download free the ebook but appreciated any orders of the hard copy, funds supporting EFL Classroom 2.0. More books on Lulu […]

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ebooks and real books

I recently made all my books into “real books”. Today, my 3 favorites came in the mail.  Get them all here – I’ll soon add links to the real, POD versions.  It’s great to be an author but even greater to be free to do as you please, create and make. Not to be at […]

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Teachers helping Teachers

Sorry to keep returning to talk about my course book – Teach | Learn. However, I want to mention a few things and make a request. I put a lot of work into this book – mostly to prove a few things. A) A teacher can make a quality textbook and eschew all the filtering […]

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Viva la (textbook) revolucion!

I’ve been, like I’m sure many other have, watching the ongoing events in the Middle East with sheer fascination. The power of normal people to say – “we aren’t going to take it anymore”. The invigorating energy given by technology to inform and empower the powerless. Havel would be so proud these days – something […]

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Coming Soon

Teach – Learn is almost ready! It will be here soon and to be used and enjoyed instantly with students. 36 complete “student created content” lessons with an abundance of extra materials / blackline masters and clickable online lesson extensions / ideas.  Also, an online voicethread community where students can practice,  supporting each lesson. Looking forward […]

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Teach – Learn Coursebook coming soon….

In the new year, I’ll be offering for download/purchase my coursebook – Teach / Learn. It is the result of over 20 years of teaching and testing and based on a methodology that I’m convinced works. Works for teachers – they can focus on student’s needs and not lesson prep. Works for students – they […]

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More on “The Captive Mind”

Please read the original post for backdrop to this “video” blog entry. Sorry for the spontaneity, but I like to do this without any retakes and make it “real”. Here it is ….

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Zen and the Act of Publishing a Book (part 2)

Lately, I’ve been learning lots about self publishing a book. For many reasons, mostly just to see what is possible and to discover if the process is accessible and profitable for teachers. I believe it is. [this is a sequel to Part 1Read the backdrop there.] Self-publishing has gotten dramatically easier and though (like with […]

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Making an online Class Newspaper

I’m a BIG HUGE CRAZY fan of the power of RSS and aggregation. If you don’t know what RSS or "real simple syndication" is – watch this cool Common Craft video.   RSS basically brings things from around the web to you. I’ve used it extensively and soon will have a new creation for English […]

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Zen and the Act of Publishing a Book (part 1)

Jeremy Harmer made a comment in defense of big publishers the other day.  He said, “the cost of producing a book is horrendous these days, the investment staggeringly high.” I took that as a challenge so within 8 hours I CREATED and PUBLISHED a book. Not some frothy, blablabla book but something substantial and which […]

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The Captive Mind …..

I grew up on a farm, always outside, always with dirt under my finger nails and a pulse that mistrusted intellectuals. Pencil pushers we called them. This despite the fact I always had my head in a book when time would be so kind, this despite my own “airs” and pseudo intellectual pretensions. As I […]

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Using the Guinness World Records book as a “textbook”

I am writing today about something I STRONGLY feel. Not stepping on anyone’s toes in particular but forgive my own passion in advance. Today, I’d like to publicly advocate my detest with textbooks and in particular, the gross deficit of thought, creativity, respect for learners, price gouging, addiction and lack of reality that most, if […]

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