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School’s Out Forever


I’m still plugging away on my book, tentatively titled “School’s Out Forever” – a play on the famous cry of the immortal Alice Cooper, “School’s Out For Summer“. My idea is to think fresh, think anew and have a grasp that exceed’s my reach. To paint a picture of what education could really be like […]

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The #1 Reason To Use Tech In ELT


** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.                               Differentiation I have thought about this long and hard. I’m not a big proponent of using “tech for tech’s sake” or just because it is there and students like […]

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School and Student restraint and confinement

I watched this CBS special report about the use of “solitary confinement” and restraints in US schools and have been thinking about it all week. Disturbing. View it below. It was a good reminder, disturbing as it is. A reminder to me that our schools must be abandoned. They can’t be fixed or repaired. They are […]

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Opening up our schools

foster grandparents

The one thing I have always wished about school – that it was a marketplace of ideas/learning where all in the community could come and go as they please. A doors open, windows blowing fresh air through policy. This is far from how it works. Going to school is mandatory for students, a criminal sentence. […]

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Thinking About Schools: some resources


I’ve been teaching a course to pre-service B.Ed. students – Schools and Education.   I basically have a lot of room to “do my thing” and really just get students to challenge their set values, beliefs and preconceptions about what is school and what is an “education”.  I can rant and rave but more often […]

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Commencement. Commencing What?


Tomorrow my students are graduating with their B.Ed. There will be the usual big ceremony, the speeches, the dinner and so on and so on….. Each year over and over like a giant gristmill. I’m happy with my students. So happy. Also very proud of this bunch of new teachers, they kept their idealism and […]

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Reflections on “Being A Teacher”

I’m sitting in one of these chairs, in “god’s country”, lakes and rocks and trees, trees, lakes, rocks, rocks, rocks, lakes, trees, trees, no people.  Divine. My last few days before beginning a return to the classroom. I’ve spent the evening, refreshed by the lapping of the lake and solitude of nature,  reading “Getting Schooled” […]

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Public Education Interventions

Public health intervention more than any other “science” has done more for humankind than anything else over the last 200 years. Forget industrialization, forget inventions – how we live in abundance and health is most definitely related to the things put into place by public health: sanitation, universal medical treatments like vaccination, pre/post natal care, […]

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More about “getting out of the way”

The objective of education is learning. Or not even that, I’ll interject. More exactly, the true objective is “contentment”, a well adjusted individual. And the only way to reach this objective is to tap into the “feeling good about oneself” that is always there in each student. To give them success, that feeling of success […]

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Self Directed Learning – Part 1

If I could meet just one guy who I’d like to chat about the future and place of education in the world – it would be a toss up between Ivan Illich and John Taylor Gatto. Illich the intellectual, the piercing and challenging mind – Gatto, the more matter of fact, direct working guy. Today […]

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Education online – not Online education! Don’t be duped.

Anyone whose read a little of my stuff (and fluff too), throughout the years knows with a capital “K” that I’m an ardent supporter of education being free of influence and especially profit. Be that a school where our young go each day or be it twitter or any site or social network. However, human […]

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#1…..(blog post for educators)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. How to Prevent Another Leonardo da Vinci This post, written by a high school student (!!!!) says it all. How education, schools, teachers, the system fails students. Written in the form of a series of “murders” it is enlightening and a must read for […]

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No More Excuses!!!!!

I watched this part of 60 Minutes this evening. Whatever else, it stimulates the mind and gets one thinking about both A) Why some kids are not as “smart” and B) Who is responsible? A) My own opinion is that there are very large social issues that must be tackled. I commend people, courageous people […]

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