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Get students practicing by embedding EnglishCentral videos


I was speaking with a few teachers this weekend and found out that though they are enthusiastic supporters of EnglishCentral, they didn’t know that they could embed EC videos on their moodle and get students practicing the videos right there! Yes, it is that simple. Put them on a class wiki or your blog.¬†Teachers won’t […]

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Verbalearn – Adv. Vocabulary Practice

VerbaLearn is a new site which does a lot of things well. I’m not usually a big fan of learning English through “word study”, however, it is a reality and it does work for many students. Also, VerbaLearn caters to those who are trying to pass all those significant tests….GRE / SAT / ACT and […]

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Effective Ways to Learn/Study English

There are many ways to master a language. There is NO magic really, just desire and intrinsic motivation. I came across an article in today’s paper that said some very important things on this topic and I’d like to share it. Most important to me (of what they say) – is to let the English […]

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Tips for Learning Languages

I’m asked A LOT of questions on EFL Classroom 2.0. One of the most common is “How can I learn a language? Got any tips?” ¬† If I had to say my number one tip for teaching languages…..I couldn’t. There is no No. 1, top dog, big cheese. Why?Well, I think us teachers are all […]

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