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Teacher Training

make things clear

Please see my Teacher Training page for loads of presentations I’ve created and delivered throughout my teaching career.   My new glossary is also a steadfast reference. This list and video library of Educational Thinkers has a lot of valuable learning. Please be sure to see the  Professional Development category on EFL Classroom 2.0.   I’d […]

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It’s About Relationships


There is one thing that too often gets left behind in all the post it notes stuck on the door of educational reform: Teacher – student relationships.    Not enough do we hear the message that what education really is about is what invisibly transpires miraculously when a teacher and student connect, really connect. All […]

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TED TALKS – “Mind seasoning”

Right from the start, I was a TED addict. Sterling talks on a wide variety of topics. Great “mind seasoning”. I’ve written many times about TED talks but took it a step further, creating a handy TED “Random” video player with HD videos. Just refresh the page and get a random “taste” of TED. Or […]

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The Video Teaching Revolution

My work over the years has brought me into thinking heavily about the role of video in language instruction. Even more so now with my work with EnglishCentral. I’m a big fan of video and have been from the get go. I saw its power as a university T.A. – tramping around the campus showing […]

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World Peace Games

What is education? I just finished reading David Warlich’s 2cents worth blog and commenting. About making education purposeful. That’s what’s missing. Forget reform, change blablabla. Just get people together with a purpose. And what should that be? Well, I think it should be what John Hunter says. PLEASE take a moment and watch this. I […]

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Giving students room to “do their own thing”

“but I gave them the room to just do the thing. Figure it out, go create” – Diana Laufenberg One of the things I’ve often done with teachers and students alike is just give them a set of materials, say flashcards and then, “just get out of the way”. Let them decide how to use […]

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Do Teachers Kill Creativity?

Do teachers kill creativity? What is the harm that a “teacher” does, just by being a teacher? Do we indeed stunt student achievement, growth and “thought” by our mere presence as a model and person to look up to and copy/become? Like Ken Robinson’s story in “Do School’s Kill Creativity”, where the little girl is […]

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Getting to know about where you teach

English language teachers travel and like strangers in a strange land, try to learn about their new “home”. It is important to learn about the culture and history of the people you’ll teach. Language is about and in turn, wrapped up with culture and identity. I’ve lived now 5 years in Korea and will be […]

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The future of teaching is learning.

I really enjoyed Charles Leadbeater’s – “We-Think” (see the cool video clip of its premise HERE). He really hit the nail on the head when it came to how the world was changing due to communicative technologies, Web 2.0 and the rise of the “amateur” and mass participation in innovation/ideas. Today, watched for a second […]

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Music makes the world go sound

\ I spent a good bottle of red wine and some time (and whatever you are told, don’t believe ‘em – time is cheap) watching 60 Minutes and this gem about how classical music and the spirit of Gustavo Dudamel is trying to bring ” the system” to America and make despair into hope. I’d […]

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TEDx – local presentation talent!

I’m a HUGE fan of TED – a series of lectures on Technology, Education and Design. I’ve written a lot about them, especially my favorites and also built a great HD player that brings them to us, as they are put online. Now, there is TEDx, local versions of TED. You can watch great speakers […]

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Top 5 Videos to Inspire Teachers

Continuing on from our other BEST Videos series (Funniest / Inspiring Students), here are my picks for favorite videos to inspire teachers. They all contain important messages and I consider each and every one MUST viewing for any long term teacher. Honorable mentions to the following: Did you Know Pay Attention , Educational Quotes, Teaching […]

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Top Videos to inspire students!

I just did a write up about the top 5 “funniest” videos about language teaching/learning. Well received and I got lots of nice comments. So – I’ve decided to continue the series and reveal some more “gems” buried here in the hundreds of videos on EFL Classroom 2.0 I really think a BIG part of […]

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