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Low Impact Teaching

low impact2

Over the last 5 to 10 years, I’ve been developing new ideas about how we should be teaching in our classrooms.   These ideas have changed as the possibilities and promises of educational technology have become reality. The most fundamental of these ideas are always revolving around learning and the student. The possibility to differentiate […]

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The #1 issue facing teachers around the world ….


** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.                               The Freedom To Teach I haven’t done much with the #1 lists of late however I’m restarting my engine and will be updating the ebook and this post is […]

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Issues in ELT / Issues in SLA


I haven’t written much about language recently but I’m definitely always thinking about it. It is itself a jailer, something I can’t get away from and like the adage goes “I am language”. But been thinking about language as it relates to what we teachers do – teaching it.  I think teachers both need to […]

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Dogme revisited

dogme teaching

This morning, sat down and had some “my time”.  Went through a number of my hundreds of notebooks full of philosophy, essays, poems that I’ve been collecting over 4 decades.  A lot of stuff buried in these books but was surprised to pull open about 50 pages on film. Don’t even remember writing this but […]

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4 Keys to learning English: input, input, input, noticing


I’ve written a lot about Krashen’s ideas on this blog. Fundamentally because they focus so well on what is “essential” in language learning. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and I’m glad about that. I was going over his online articles and especially his seminal work – Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning. I kept […]

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More about “getting out of the way”

The objective of education is learning. Or not even that, I’ll interject. More exactly, the true objective is “contentment”, a well adjusted individual. And the only way to reach this objective is to tap into the “feeling good about oneself” that is always there in each student. To give them success, that feeling of success […]

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Focal vs Tacit knowledge

Technology. Everyone wants to learn it and everyone wants the “key” that might open up the door to these skills. Truth is, there is no easy way! I’ve been mucking about and learning as I go – for a long time. And that’s what I love about technology and education. I can learn by riding […]

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Insights about SLA …..

I’ve recently been updating articles and resources on the TESOL Teacher Training page/course. One article that I read several years ago has always stood out for me. What do we know about learning and teaching second language – Implications for teaching. Written by Francis Mangubhai, it is somewhat technical but still can be read by […]

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Self Directed Learning – Part 1

If I could meet just one guy who I’d like to chat about the future and place of education in the world – it would be a toss up between Ivan Illich and John Taylor Gatto. Illich the intellectual, the piercing and challenging mind – Gatto, the more matter of fact, direct working guy. Today […]

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Let me list the ways I’m subversive….

Postman and Weingartner in Teaching as a subversive activity talk of subversion being even a tiny act, even as tiny an act as thinking about who you are as a teacher. Subversion begins there, in that kernel of self truth. They asked teachers, Why do you teach? I can control people. I can tyrannize people. […]

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What is Language?

“in the beginning was the word, and the word became flesh” Today I was reading Roger Cohen’s column (I’m quite his fan, never was but recently he’s take some very intelligent and courageous stands on issues from nuclear disarmnament to Palestine) Loos and Language. That was enough to take me on a meditation of “What […]

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What Makes A Great Teacher?

There is A LOT that makes a great teacher. I guess that’s why this topic comes up over and over and over again. Hard to pin down and wrap it in some formulaic response. However, The Atlantic “What makes a Great Teacher“, just tried to and though they hit a lot of nails, they didn’t […]

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The #1 …….. (book on language)


** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. Let’s not beat around the bush – no question: Thought and Language – Lev Vygotsky This book is the “Origin of Species” for language. A collosus. It has everything a mind interested in language could imagine. Originality, nuance, suggestion, intelligence, research… …… My favorite […]

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