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50 Ways To Use Music & Song

50blue1 (3)

I’m presently working hard on a number of forthcoming 50 lists. I intend to publish a new one each month this year and then end the year combining them all in one publication. Some of the lists forthcoming are; * 50 ways to teach writing * 50 ways to activate creativity and inquiry * 50 […]

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50 Professional Development Tips for the New Year

50  Professional Development Ideas For The New Year   There is never a better time than “NOW” to start working on one’s own professional development as a teacher.  However, often unless by chance you find yourself in the perfect school with perfect colleagues – it is hard to get started and you’ll find yourself in a […]

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Teaching Online – some tips….

I’ve been doing lots of work with EnglishCentral – helping them develop strong teacher tools and support. Slow but sure! (and if you have used EnglishCentral as a teacher – fill out our survey and get an incredible coursebook for your few minutes of time!) Here, I outline some tips for using EnglishCentral as a […]

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TEFL Non – Stick Teaching

I stumbled upon Alex Case’s old blog post, “25 ways to get away with being a crap English teacher”. Insightful list that I could add to. However, I’d rather focus on the positive so I thought I’d address the question posed in one of the comments; How about a list of ’25 ways of being […]

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REALize it! Use Authentic Materials.

FULL SCREEN This past week, I had a guest lecturer visit my student teachers. He lectured on lesson planning but the last half, he spent outlining some of his great lesson ideas (including the Subservient Chicken!) . As he went through them, I realized a strand that ran through them all – using “real” materials […]

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12 To Dos for Student learning English

It isn’t easy learning a language. I’ve learned 3 of them and had success in 3 completely different ways! I’m going to work on a fourth and probably will stumble along with a 4th method. What this means is “to each his own”.  We have to find what works for us.  However, along the way, […]

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The Devil’s in the Details – Small Musts.


I just spent a day evaluating Korean teachers in their classrooms, as part of the TEE (Teaching English in English) program. I’m going to keep away from that topic – it’s still too raw, so to speak. However, I did take lots of notes and some things kept repeating themselves. Mostly small things that teachers […]

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Writing Tips from Bukowski.

I’ve always loved Charles Bukowski. Though much of his writing is “off” when he hits it – he’s dead on. God like. I was reading today, thinking about the writing process and Bukowski’s wonderful poem, “IF I Taught Creative Writing” came rushing back to me. So here it is below. Along with a recent Bukowski […]

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The 7 “Deadly” sins of “new” teachers

One of my previous blog posts spoofed the 7 “marvellous” sins of great teachers. Now, I’d like to unspoof and great real and talk about “new” English teachers. I just spent 2 days interviewing 29 new teachers each day! Wow, talk about a treadmill….. The teachers besides answering questions had to go through a “demo” […]

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Teaching Recipes – A new place to get a teaching idea!

I’ve long been a fan of very simple teaching ideas – the basic core of all good teaching. My Lessons in a Can are part of that. Now however, we’ve got a new Web 2.0 resource which you can be a part of – Teaching Recipes. The idea I came up with is to have […]

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Getting your students “speaking” – Some Strategies.

It isn’t easy to get students speaking sometimes. But it is well worth it! It is truly the road towards a fluent, confident speaker of English. I remember when first confronted with a “silent” class. They were really passive and not willing to speak. After lots of trial and error I finally came into class […]

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Teaching Skills – the small things count

This is #1 of a series of presentations focusing on micro teaching skills. The next will be even more practical. I hope to get some time to clarify these ideas but if you have any questions – please ask! Hope this helps some teachers out there and I believe in each and every idea expounded […]

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Teaching Tips from the Trenches

I recently got a barage of requests for “advice”. I really am honored and EVERY time try my best to give the most and most apt advice I possibly can given all the variables involved. This got me thinking and of course, “out popped a powerpoint”! I thought I’d record my thoughts in some fashion, […]

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