What makes a good teacher, “good”?

The inestimable Jermey Harmer has been recently reviewing this immortal topic as he travels the world and collects his paycheck for all the years of hard work he’s put in.  Here is a very much younger Jeremy Harmer discussing the same subject, nice dialogue. Also, I love his answers here.  Here too is a common sense approach.

But back to business. These few words are not about Jeremy Harmer, however chalk full of insight he may be. These are about WHAT MAKE A GOOD TEACHER. I subscribe to the “calling” view of teaching. That many want but few are “called”…. But I really disagree with anyone saying exactly what makes a good teacher. There are many roads to the land of learning. Many roads because the destinations are so multiple – there is just such a diversity of learner(s) out there!

So how do you become “good”? Is it just a question of time? I doubt it. Time does get you there but as human’s we can transcend time, we can compact time, we can work around time — we can be teachers from day one. How?

Well, I espouse the view that anyone who truly grasps and digests and believes in themselves and their calling as teacher IS a teacher. This is the key. Belief.  If you don’t know you can’t, you CAN do a lot!!!!

I could go all through the details outlined above. Mein Gott! So much to think over, to absorb, to do naturally and intuitively! So much! But it really won’t happen unless  you feel/sense/believe  in yourself as a teacher. Take pride in that and let in be your soul. Your soul in the sense that you help others through your openess and humanity. Help others in the sense that you share and walk on that same learning journey.

So what makes a good teacher? Mr. Harmer  — I think you would agree (despite all the false paths), it is a desire to be a good teacher. What you once called, “caring” . But which I say in an ego driven way, WANTING YOURSELF to care… a difference.

That’s it, straight from the heart. Tomorrow more about the particulars above but which won’t make you any better until you REALLY look at yourself in the mirror, smile and be content because you have accepted your calling as a teacher….



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