The 9th EFL / ESL / ELL Blog Carnival

The 9th EFL / ESL / ELL Blog Carnival!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Blog Carnival! Please find all the great entries below.  I think it would be great if readers and contributors both would comment on the voicethread (below). What entry did you really like? What do you want to ask the authors?  Or comment on your own entry and what you’d like to add. OR, JUST SAY HELLO!


The next Blog Carnival will be hosted by Nik Peachey at Nik’s Learning Technology Blog and will be published April 1st. Please send entries HERE and help us make a great English teaching community.



BLOG ENTRY                                               SUMMARY
Larry Ferlazzo has a great entry about the increasing enrollment of ELLs in Charter Schools and the creation of charter schools specifically for English language learners. He comments on a N.Y. Times article and offers his own explanations.
Michael Stout offers up a great voicethread example that he has used with his university students in Japan. It is about popular music and is an excellent example of how to make voicethread an assignment which your students must complete!
Simon Bourn offers a comprehensive entry on teaching writing skills. He provides many astute observations and even is taught something very valuable by his students!
Mary Ann Zehr ponders why we can’t come up with a standard definition for an “English Language Learner”.
English for Adv. Students gives us some excellent resources for use in the classroom and teaching English through current events and topics. 1. Boomerangers 2. The Treasure Ship
Learn English offers some insight into teaching contractions to students and further some advice for introducing your English language learning child to an English school.   1. Contractions 2. English Language Schools
Instructify has written a great article on using Voicethread. It outlines how to make and use a voicethread based on a K-W-L model (especially crucial as noted, for learning disabled students. blogs about two online vocabulary sites.  Spelling City and Learning Vocabulary Fun
RayRay’s Writing tells us how to write a short story.  He outlines the task for learners.
Bur Bur and Friends writes about a new children’s book, “Anna Goes Hiking”. teaches about three aspects of English Language Learning.  1. simple sentence construction.  2. Using adverbs 3. Learning English as an Adult
EFL Classroom 2.0 introduces Project Peace, where teachers can share ideas for teaching peace and make / share videos about peace. He also ponders why Peace isn’t part of  most curriculums.
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