Can you tell WHO is WHO?

To me – Peace is about seeing the similarities within us all. We humans are hardwired for “difference”. Our egos dominate and our identity over powers. But really 99.9% of us are similar, the same, part of all life. We need this wisdom of seeing the similarities – if we are ever to achieve peace. Teach your students to see “same” and how in our yearnings, our desires, our emotions, our bodies, we all equally participate in the drama of being human.

To this end, there was a recent experiment undertaken by a Swiss artist Olivier Suter. Read about it below. Amazing! Which one of these children are a boy , a girl? Which one is Palestinian, which one Israeli?

— Thanks to Iqbal at Palestinian Mothers for bringing this to my attention. Please visit Project Peace for lots of great classrooms sharing songs of peace!

Can you tell the difference between an Israeli and a Palestinian?
By Dalia Karpel, Haaretz Correspondent
Tags: Palestinians, Olivier Suter

The advertisement published in Haaretz in March read “Wanted: people who look alike,” and promised NIS 8,000 to anyone that could locate someone who looked like one of the eight people featured in the advertisement.

What the advertisement didn’t say, was that the eight people pictured were Palestinians.

The ad was made by Swiss artist Olivier Suter, as part of his project ‘Enemies’, which focused on the absurd ways people identify “the other”.
The advertisement is similar to a project Suter performed in Belgium, which asked viewers if they could dfferentiate between Flemish and French speakers.

Out of the dozens of photos he received, Suter picked a photo of an Israeli girl and a Palestinian boy who looked alike. The girl is one Hadas Maor, whose photo was sent in by her father, geography professor Yehuda Keidar.

Keidar, a long-time supporter of a two-state solution said “[David] Ben-Gurion was right when he said ‘The Palestinians are not our cousins, they’re our brothers. Turns out, they could be twins.”

The Palestinian boy is named Adam Shurati and he was none too pleased about his likeness to a girl, according to his mother Nancy. Adam was further dismayed when his mother took him to have his hair cut to look like Hadas’.

Nancy, who lives in Bet Hanina, called the project “amazing” and said that her son’s resemblance to an Israel girl surprised her.

“The project is a work of art meant for all of us, not just for the sake of art,” Suter said.

Suter’s next “Enemies” project will take place in Rwanda and the Congo.

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