Guess the Wordle – make your own!

I spent some time making a new word game. You could make your own too! I’m just testing this out and would like comments. Further editions will be “lower” in level and much easier. Just want to see how this might work as a concept. I got the idea from this blog I visited awhile back , Guess the wordle wiki – where they post one 3 wordles each week. Scroll down to hit “Today’s Wordle”

You can get a lot more Wordle games on EFL Classroom’s wordle page!

It’s called What’s the Wordle? Much like Guess the Google on our Games page. Students are shown a wordle [ a great place for you or your students to make word pictures!). They must guess the title or category/reference. they can make guesses then correct together. A correct guess gets a point or score as you see fit… Also points for adding to the vocabulary / wordle lists….Here is a worksheet but get the powerpoints with the “thinking song” to stimulate brainstorming and create atmosphere. Also , you can print the ppt slides as handouts (File – Print Preview – Print – page #- enter).

Here’s a large screen version.

Let me know what you think, comments appreciated. Now get What the Wordling!

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10 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    Guess The Wordle is going strong — with over 1,000 hits per day — so unsure why you said it is dying down.

    I shall keep an eye on yours — looks interesting —
    but again — is going strong.


  2. ddeubel says:


    I’ll make a correction but I was there twice before and each time I guess I didn’t scroll down enough. I only saw the “navigation” with July and 3 wikis…. and always seeing the same wordle on the main page. My mistake.

    I’ll be making a few more wordles from wordlists and using the worksheet, post here. Thanks for letting me know you are going strong.


  3. jen says:

    Just one more correction — you don’t have to scroll down to hit Today’s Wordle —
    it is the 2nd option on the top navigation.

    The archive link is there also at the top. Archives are shown by month from the first to the last.

    New wordles are posted every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.


  4. britney says:

    i wont to make a wordle how do i make one?

  5. britney says:

    this is boring no one is talking im going to a different web site bye!

  6. ddeubel says:


    Lots of conversation at EFL Classroom 2.0! our website for technology, language and teaching….

    For making a wordle, try one of Russel’s screencasts showing wordle!

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